Issue #69 - Happy New Year everyone

As mentioned in previous January issues, the first 12 days of the year represent the entire year, the 1st being January, the 2nd February and so forth. So, if you pay attention to the way you live during the first 12 days, you will find the link to each corresponding month. You might even like to keep a diary of how your day enfolded, not only with events and people you met but also with your thoughts, feelings and actions. Later on, as each month goes by, you can verify the correspondence between the notes you took in your diary and the month itself.

All this to say is being aware, conscious, of where we stand within, is what determines the next moment because only in each present moment can we improve the next moment.  As students of life, the greatest responsibility we have is to become aware so we can choose the course of life and eventually we truly become the master of our destiny.
Wishing each and everyone of you many blessings filled with harmony, beauty and inspiration.

Love and light on behalf of the whole team