Issue #70 - Initiatic Science

What is Initiatic Science? It is the body of knowledge acquired by the great Initiates and Masters through the ages revealed to them by the Invisible world to help mankind in its development. 
 This science, or body of knowledge, was taught to few and carefully selected students who demonstrated a strong psyche and disinterested nature. It was considered both sacred and secret and the disciples had to undergo trials and tests to prove their worthiness.
 It passed through Atlantis, Egypt, India, Tibet and became more popular under Esoteric Science in the modern age.  Some of the Initiates and Masters include Moses, Rama, Krishna, Plato, Orpheus, Buddha, Hermes Trismegistus, Pythagoras, Jesus and many more.
These teachings are based on essential truths. Truths which are immutable and stable as they are close to Spirit.These essential truths are called Principles and laws. Laws that apply to both: to the realm of nature and to the human psyche.
What changes in the course of time is the application and methods, which are closer to matter and need to be adapted for each epoch. Example: Old Testament, eye for eye and tooth for tooth / New Testament, love each other.
At this epoch, humanity is sufficiently developed for this science to be revealed and assimilated by the many.
The Teaching of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov encompasses, synthesizes and adapts that knowledge for contemporary living.
 As we approach the Aquarian age, we stand at a crossroad where humanity needs the most prepared and advanced to bridge the old age, Piscean age to the new Aquarian Age.  The Aquarian Age is a spiritual age, an age of collectivity, of integrating the different aspects of oneself so we become whole.
The term “Initiatic Science” derives from the Teachings of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov.  It has been recognized by to the Initiates and great Masters that their inspiration and knowledge came from the invisible world and was linked to a greater hierarchy known as “The Universal White Brotherhood”.  The invisible family of great souls who work together to do the will of God and to help humanity in its evolution towards perfection.  Aivanhov founded his movement under that same name and was clear to explain that, here on Earth; we were only a small branch office of the great one on high.
 Mikhael Aivanhov was born in Bulgaria in January 1900.  He studied under a spiritual Master, Peter Deunov, who had returned to Bulgaria after completing his medical studies in America. Just before the 2nd World War, Deunov counted over 40,000 disciples and, sensing the political unrest, sent his best disciple, Mikhael Aivanhov, to France to insure to survival of his teachings. Aivanhov had become a disciple of Deunov while he was still in his teens. He studied several disciplines at university and at the time he was sent to France, he was principal of a school. He received the honorific title of OMRAAM while in India in the 1950 after meeting the sage BABAJI and which means Solve & Coagula. Aivanhov was on a one-year trip in India and when he returned to France, he had grown white and his disciples, noticing the change that took place, started calling him Master.
Next month, we will pursue this subject with the 4 great sciences of the Initiates. Stay tune!

Love and light on behalf of the whole team

Co-ordinator of The Aquarian Team.