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Links of Light

Links of Light

Chapter 1

Let us form links of light to help bring about a better world. In the first link, visualize yourself, then add your father, as he represents the head of your family (whatever opinion you have of him), then add the mayor of your city, followed by the head of the government of your country (whether you support that party or not, the goal here is to link ourselves with something sublime). Add the Regent of the planet, known as Sandalfon in the Kabala and then still higher up, the head of the solar system, the Sun or the Christ, as you prefer and, finally, the Lord or the Source of all life. Thus, we all form a chain where light circulates and all benefit.

Pair of Scales  by   Claude Brun

Pair of Scales by Claude Brun

Chapter 2

Repeat the following affirmation three times to get a great sense of balance:

“I am stable, son/daughter of the stable one, conceived and engendered in the realm of stability.”

Crystal Earth   ©  Louiselle  -  jardindecristal.com

Crystal Earth © Louiselle - jardindecristal.com

Chapter 3

For a few moments, let us concentrate and imagine that the earth and all its inhabitants are wrapped in an intense luminous light, which, little by little, penetrates all human beings and layers of the earth, transforming and illuminating everything in its path.

At the end, the earth appears like an immense round crystal through which rays of luminous beams sparkle. The creatures on this new earth now shine and radiate like little suns being born in a new galaxy.

Inner Flame ©  Julia Byrne

Inner Flame © Julia Byrne

Chapter 4

In order to feel the unity with all of life, we invite you to visualize that you are a luminous point and that this point grows to include all of your being, the space where you are, the city or country where you live, the whole planet, and even beyond:

spreading the light into the solar system, the stars, the galaxy, and finally the entire universe. Feel that you are vibrating in unison with the evolution of all this cosmic life. Allow yourself to be rocked by these wonderful energies that participate in your blossoming.

Plenitud de la Vida ©  Dora Doragil.com

Plenitud de la Vida © Dora Doragil.com


Imagine that we all represent a pregnant woman and that she carries the whole planet in her womb. She carries a new earth filled with light, peace, harmony, and love. She is birthing the Golden Age on earth.

Angel in the Sky in New Zealand 2001 ©  Carmen Froment

Angel in the Sky in New Zealand 2001 © Carmen Froment


Pause and reflect for a moment and with sincerity and ardor, wish for universal love to dwell in your heart and cosmic light to shine in your mind.

Dove and Crystal ©  Prosveta S.A.

Dove and Crystal © Prosveta S.A.


Affirmation: With all your attention, your intent and your strength repeat the following affirmation, knowing that thousands of other people are saying it daily:

To have a heart as pure as crystal,
A mind as luminous as the sun
A soul as vast as the universe
A spirit as powerful as God and One with God.

Cascade ©  Claude Brun

Cascade © Claude Brun


Visualize a spring that flows from the sun; it cascades down and floods you with its purity, its light, its warmth. Let this spring flow through your cells and your organs. Feel yourself renewed, refreshed, invigorated, and becoming a living spring!

The Water Bearer ©  Ivano Marchesani

The Water Bearer © Ivano Marchesani


Take a moment of reflection to visualize this elder of Aquarius who pours the water of the new life over your entire being. This water brings you the inspiration, ability to adapt, and expansion that is harmonizing you with new currents descending from the Cosmos. Let yourself bathe and float in those energies.

Melchizedek, Cathedral of Venice from sculptor Giovanni Maria Morlaiter, photographed par Wolfgang Moroder

Melchizedek, Cathedral of Venice from sculptor Giovanni Maria Morlaiter, photographed par Wolfgang Moroder


Let us imagine this extraordinary being that Melchizedek is, as described by St. John, who is the true King, Lord of Justice and Peace. He has the power to re-establish peace and harmony on earth. In looking at the sun, each day, let us pray with love that he comes to help humanity.

Rays of Light ©  Claude Brunc

Rays of Light © Claude Brunc


At a chosen time, prepare yourself by being comfortable and relaxed. Mentally, create a link with the Elders on High and all the other people on earth who share your aspiration of unity. Then, inwardly harmonize your thinking and feeling by lighting up your inner lamp, expanding in that light. Mentally unite with one another and, in your mind’s eye, concentrate on the white light (or the light of the sun). Envelop one another in that light. Bathe in that light. Vibrate in that light. Envelop the whole world in the light. Everyone is emitting the light and vibrating in the light. Together, you will form a ray of light as powerful as a laser and be capable of transforming and uplifting humanity.

Your aura in the future ©  Claude Brun

Your aura in the future © Claude Brun


Create an image of yourself where the light and the splendor emanate from your cells. Feel your divine spark penetrate your consciousness and become one with it. You are guided, supported, enlightened, and vivified by the presence of your Higher Self. Your aura grows in strength and luminous colors as you practice this exercise every day. Observe the marvelous changes that will take place within.