Issue # 76 Singing and spreading the light

August 2019,  Issue #76                               The Aquarian Team Newsletter

Singing and spreading the light

 Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to join the Videlina international choir tour in Bulgaria from July 3 to the 15th as responsible for the Prosveta book exhibition and their Bulgarian co-publishers during the tour. This year, the city of Plovdiv was named the European capital of culture and it was also the 155th anniversary of Master Peter Deunov who in Bulgaria is recognized as the 2nd most important person in their history.
The Videlina choir is composed of brothers and sisters from 12 different countries who were presenting the songs composed by Master Peter Deunov early in the 1900’s and sang in the Brotherhood throughout the world. Some special harmonization was made with some of the songs for the occasion. Each concert was a full house with people standing at the back and on the sides.
As for my role, we had to set and dismantle our presentation table according to occasions and concerts. Yet, each time it gave us the opportunity to get closer to the public, to do inspiring encounters both for them and for us, and to feel connected by a common spirit.
The brothers and sisters of the Bulgarian Brotherhood also had their own table right next to ours selling the books of Master Peter Deunov. There was a lovely companionship between us without any competition.
From our table, we had selected some Prosveta English titles from the books of Omraam Mikhael Aïvanhov and some titles from the co-publishers Videlina, Iztor Zapad and Bielo Bratsvo. These books were for exhibition only.  The co-publisher and distributor Blagogovenie which had the most titles was represented by Kalina who worked alongside with me and all their titles were for sale.
Dorette, a sister from Prosveta Switzerland arrived a few days after me and immediately offered her help which was greatly appreciated as we frequently had to set up and dismantle in a hurry our presentation table and display stands. She also distributed the program before the concerts. Together, Kalina, Dorette and I formed a celestial team! Here are a few testimonies.

  • A Bulgarian couple, both musicians, was participating to a convention next door to our rehearsal room. They come to our presentation table set in the foyer of our hotel in Varna. They speak English and know Master Peter Deunov but have never heard of Master Omraam Mikhael Aïvanhov. After talking with them for a short while, they want to buy 4 of the 6 Complete Works we have exhibited. I tell them these books are not for sale but I gave them a Prosveta catalogue and a Daily Meditation. They want to pay me for such but I tell them it was a gift. They appreciate that gesture very much. I ask them where they live and they reply Vienna. What a joy! I tell them there is a group in Vienna and they dance paneurhythmy as well! They leave very happy with the desire to contact the group in Vienna.

  • A young man comes to the table. I ask him if he speaks English and he says he does a little so I ask him if he knows the works of Omraam Mikhael Aïvanhov. He says he does and looks at the English titles for a while and then chooses 3 or 4 titles in Bulgarian that he purchases. He says he likes our books because they are well organized by themes and so easy to read.

  • On July 6, we had a gathering of the two brotherhoods and we have to move from the foyer to the upper floor where the conference room is reserved for that occasion. Just as we are dismantling everything, two people show up who speak only Bulgarian. They want to see the Bulgarian titles but they were already in boxes so we tell them to wait until we reset everything on the table upstairs. They wait a good half hour and once we are set up again, they choose 22 pocket books! Well worth their waiting time. The lady says that she has some of these books in Spanish but wanted her Bulgarian friends to know the Master. I was moved to tears.

  • A few people spoke a little French and when we gave them one or two French pamphlets, they were so happy and showing their appreciation by giving us a warm hug.

  • A Bulgarian lady living in Florida was attending a meeting in Veliko Ternovo, a city next to Gabrovo where the choir was performing that night. She had heard the name of Peter Deunov through the famous psychologist Dr Wayne Dyer but did not know about Omraam Mikhael Aïvanhov. So I tell her Wayne Dyer mentions him in this book “Power of Intention” more than once. She asks me how to contact someone in the US and I give her a Prosveta catalogue showing her the Prosveta USA contact. We keep exchanging a while longer and before she leaves, I give her a Daily Meditation. I suggest that she let herself be uplifted by the wonderful songs the choir will perform so her soul can taste Heaven! After the concert, she came back to me, her eyes sparkling with tears of light and she hugged me overflowing with gratitude.

  • A Swedish woman comes to the table before the Gabrovo concert. Her husband is Bulgarian but could not come with her. She already knew our books so we talk for a little while. I mention that the Brotherhood exists all over the world and she asks how to start a brotherhood group. I recommend she visit the website, to go visit the Bonfin, to get in touch with the Norwegian group and before she leaves, I give her a Prosveta catalogue showing her the references at the end. She left so joyful and filled with hope.

“Singing in chorus is the musical expression of the work we must do every day on ourselves in order to create harmonious relations with each other and all the creatures in the universe.”         Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov       
Here is the testimony of Dorette:  “I had the great privilege of distributing the concert program before all 3 concerts. Why do I say privilege? Well, because I was the first to be in contact with the spectators. I will never forget their look. The spark of joy and thankfulness in their eyes but also of hope following what they had just heard. There were women and men of a mature age and many more men than we usually see in spiritual gatherings. There were also many young people particularly in Plovdiv. We spoke in many languages, even in Russian. For the occasion, I had learned a few Bulgarian words like “with pleasure” “you are welcome”, etc. I will always remember these quick exchanges, short but how beautiful and profound. Everybody wanted a program. Even the couples wanted to each have their own copy, both curious and intrigued by this international choir they were coming to listen. They were so hoping to find a fraternal and spiritual opening.”
Kalina from the co-publisher/distributor Blagogovenie sold 155 books and 14 brochures and gave 176 books and 15 brochures to the organizers of the different groups we met throughout our journey.
The new titles in Bulgarian published through Videlina were hot from the press on July 9 and arrived via courier the morning of the 10th, just before our departure for Gabrovo. These titles were of much interest: “the Bible, mirror of creation, vol 1 & 2”, “Dictionary of Nature”, “You are Gods”, “Seek the Kingdom of God”. We gave the publisher’s prospectus to those interested.
The Bulgarian people are more demonstrative than many European countries. They are so heartfelt. It was easy to approach them even with a limited knowledge of English of French. Simply giving them a pamphlet, a Daily Meditation or even a catalogue, they were so appreciative and were leaving all happy.
For example, in Plovdiv where places were very limited, people were asking us for tickets with insistence. Of course, we did not have any but we encouraged them to wait without giving up, to stand close to the doors on the sides, that it would be well worth and that they would hear angels singing. Finally, we believe everyone made it standing on the sides or sitting on steps. Later, after the concert, some of the people came back to the table so moved and so thankful. They were delighted and we felt them inspired.
At the end, all the English titles and new Bulgarian titles were given to the national library a of Plovdiv  as previously arranged with the director of the library.
The day after the concert, in Plovdiv, the brothers and sisters from the choir each received a gift from Padme, the little book of testimonies from sister Milka who had lived at the time of Master Peter Deunov. It was published in Bulgarian but also in English for the occasion. I had kept the secret until the books arrived just before the concert but I had nearly completed the reading of the copy sent to me in Varna with the new titles and I had totally enjoyed reading it.
As a conclusion, I admit that I was a bit surprised when I was asked to be in charge of the book exhibition but finally I realized it was right into my element. To share and spread the brotherhood seeds with future readers justified plenty our presence. Not to mention, the joy of being with the choir all the time which was an honor and also of meeting the Bulgarian brothers and sisters which was an extraordinary occasion of fraternity as several groups welcomed us to their centers as we traveled through Bulgaria. This experience of fraternity, of collaboration, of generosity and exchanges between us is absolutely memorable and unforgettable; there is hope for all of humanity!
 “Singing in chorus is the musical expression of the work we must do every day on ourselves in order to create harmonious relations with each other and all the creatures in the universe.”              Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Here is a link to the last concert in Plovdiv which was partly directed by the great prodigy director Yordan Kamdzhalov. This is the full concert with introduction:

Yours sincerely grateful for the opportunity to serve the light!

Carmen, coordinator of The Aquarian Team.

If you wish to hear some excerpts of Master Omraam's lectures on YouTube:

Issue # 75 Spiritual Celebrations and traditions of the world

Issue # 75 July 2019

Spiritual Celebrations and traditions of the world

For those of you living in Canada, on behalf of The Aquarian Team, have a wonderful Canada Day Celebration!

Do you think the reason initiates established celebrations was for humans to have fun? No, their aim was first and foremost to make time for a break, to interrupt the rhythm of work, which at that time, was never ending and exhausting, because there was no such thing as holidays or leave. These initiates wanted to bring to the awareness of all these men and women, a sense of freedom from the weight of all the tasks that wore them out and destroyed their health; they wanted to create valves to release their unexpressed psychic energies. And so, these celebrations, with their songs, dances, games, laughter and the opportunity to meet others, enable to release these energies, also creating a fraternal mood that allows everyone to feel encouraged and supported.
But the initiates had something else in mind with these celebrations: they wanted to encourage humans to seek out energies in subtler regions that could regenerate and vivify their heart and soul. In this atmosphere of joyous and beneficial exchanges, beings of light come to draw on the energies, using them to continue their work throughout the world.  Would you like to help them in their work? You yourself can consciously entrust them with your joy and all the spiritual wealth you gain from a celebration, enabling others to benefit too. This joy and wealth will come back to you amplified.  This is how the initiates, in their wisdom, understand the meaning of a celebration.  Wisdom is not only serious, it is also joyous!
And in closing this celebration, remember that laughter is a means of communicating life. There are living energies in laughter which nourish the brain and expand the heart centre.
The Laughter of a Sage, pocket book #243, p. 86-87

Carmen, coordinator of The Aquarian Team.

If you wish to hear some excerpts of Master Omraam's lectures on YouTube:

Issue # 74 The Light and the 7 colors

June 2019,  Issue #74                        The Aquarian Team Newsletter

The Light and the 7 colors.

Here we are in the spring time for the Northern hemisphere, time for meditation at sunrise, and for the Southern hemisphere, there is always meditation with visualization!
When we attend sunrise, it is easy to focus on the light the sun emanates, a white light so powerful that it illuminates everything around. That light, we can bathe ourselves in it and vibrate with it. For example, imagine a cascade of light pouring forth into the solar system inundating everything, vivifying everything. How easy it is to just take the sun for granted yet how blissful it is to just stand there and actually feel it penetrating us, awakening our soul and reminding us that our spirit is as bright and luminous as the sun, maybe only as spark for now but with the full potential of being Christ like.
The light of the sun is like a pure white light comprised of the 7 Spirits of the 7 colors bringing every aspect, every form of nourishment to the earth but also to our soul as virtues and qualities.
I particularly I like working with the 7 colors during the breathing exercises (alternated nostril breathing which you can find the description of the Vol. 13 entitled “A New Earth: methods, exercises, formulas, prayers”) imagining the colors as seen through a prism. At the end of the sunrise, when the prana is so abundant, doing one full round breath on each color, with each of the 7 chakras is so powerful.  It is also a wonderful exercise to remain focused and to nurture the seeds of the corresponding virtues and qualities
Red is called the Spirit of Life. Red is associated with life and love of all creatures.
Orange is the Spirit of Sanctity. Orange improves our health and gives us the desire for perfection.
Yellow is the Spirit of Wisdom. It incites us to read, reflect, meditate and seek wisdom,.
Green is the Spirit of Eternity and of Evolution. It is associated with growth and development and also wealth.
Blue is the Spirit of Truth. This color is associated with religion, peace and music.
Indigo is the Spirit of Strength, the Spirit of Royalty and shares about the same properties as blue.
Purple is an extremely subtle, mystical colour which leads people to the higher regions. It is the Spirit of Divine Omnipotence and Spiritual Love. It is the Spirit of Sacrifice.
You can read some more about sunrise in Vol. 10 entitled : The Splendour of Tipharet, published at Prosveta, available on Amazon or on's website.

Carmen, coordinator of The Aquarian Team.

If you wish to hear some excerpts of Master Omraam's lectures on YouTube:

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Issue #73 Equality

May 2019,  Issue #73                               The Aquarian Team Newsletter


“… equality is only possible thanks to fraternity, for humans are not equal anywhere except in dignity. This dignity comes from the fact that they are all sons and daughters of God and therefore all brothers and sisters…” Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
This paragraph stuck in my head for many months, perhaps even for a couple of years. I lost it for a while and had to ask one of the sisters to locate it for me, which she did. It seems such a profound statement – that equality only exists in the dignity that each inherits as a son or daughter of God.
When that sister sent me the above statement, she added more information on the subject from the Master. “In fact nature does not like equality and uniformity or a general leveling out… the truth is that equality does not exist in the universe: inequality is the general rule.”
As the Master always encourages us to use Nature as our reference on most everything, this made absolute sense to me. He also mentioned somewhere in one of the wonderful book created from his lectures, something about this being the upmost importance to teach children.
Well, I climbed on that, but how to do it! I am an author and illustrator of children’s books and I keep my eyes and ears open for something worthwhile to share with children.
I let this idea of equality sink in until the way seemed to reveal itself. The book was written "KIDS GET IT" and in it a teacher is shown in front of her class.
          We were all in our classroom on a normal school day wen our teacher had the boldness and the nerve to say… “Isn’t it wonderful that you are all so perfectly equal?”

Well, this was quite a shock and seemed most unreasonable. We knew the truth; we could see it with our eyes. All of this equality stuff was certainly a bunch of lies.

Then the text continues with the kids explaining how “unequal” they all were from their size, beauty, intelligence, abilities, wealth, etc.
         The teacher had to clarify:
“You are all equal in only one way. And in that way you will always. You are each sons and daughters of your heavenly Father, one great being. Regardless of the many differences you are seeing. So do not be envious of what others may have or can do. You are just as divine, each and every one of you. Be proud of your legacy and your birthright. You are a child of God and that makes everything right.”
       With that, we were filled with such kindness as we looked at each other, as different as we were, each we now knew was a sister or a brother. We all stood taller in this knowing. With our true self-worth showing… And it would be ours forever!

       My, wasn’t our teacher clever?
Just like the kids, I think I got it! 

Sally Huss who wrote in our 2nd book

You can also see many excerpts of Master Omraam's lectures on YouTube:

Issue #72 Methods and exercises for self-development

In our last two newsletters, we covered the definition of Initiatic Science, its origin and its manifestations through time. Today we will cover some methods and practices that were brought by Master Peter Deunov in the early 1900 until the 2nd WW and, with the coming of Master Omraam to the Western world, these methods and many more were expanded and adapted to our contemporary time.
Let us begin with how to start our day:
Upon awakening, the first thing is to express gratitude: “I thank you Lord for the life and health you give me. Fill my heart with love and strengthen my willpower so that I can accomplish Your will and that all my actions be for Your glory and in Your name.
Try to remember our dreams:  writing them down will help the ability to remember them.
Get up on the right foot: be conscious of starting our day with attention.
Wash our hands and our face before touching our eyes: it is said that while we sleep some fluidic impurities may leave traces so by washing our hands and face, we remove this layer of impurities.
Sunrise or morning meditation: in good weather, we are invited to go out in nature and attend sunrise so we develop the attributes of the sun:  light (wisdom), warmth (love), and life. There is a whole book dedicated to the importance of the sunrise entitled The Splendour of Tiphareth (Tiphareth is named after the Sun, it is from the Tree of Life of the Kabbalah tradition).
Breathing exercises: the prana is the strongest at sunrise so the breathing exercises fortify not only our etheric body but our whole being.
Gymnastics: a sequence of movements with formulas which are very helpful physically, mentally and spiritually.
How to take our meals: practicing the yoga of nutrition is good for our digestion and is also a conscious work of appreciation and revelation.
There are many more methods, practices, formulas and prayers that are covered in A New Earth, Vol.13 of the Complete Works by Master Omraam. If you are serious about your development, we invite you to acquire this book. You can learn how to take a sacred bath, consecrate a new place or object, how to stop bleeding, etc.  It is like the bible of the disciple. One you will want to go back to many times over.

Love and light on behalf of the whole team

Coordinator of The Aquarian Team.

You can also see many excerpts of Master Omraam's lectures on YouTube:

Issue #71 - Initiatic Science follow-up

We began this article with last month's newsletter and we will continue this month. If you wish to go back to the beginning of that article, you may find it on our website. Just click here:

The 4 great sciences of the Initiates:

1) Alchemy which is known in conventional science as chemistry
2) Astrology which is known as astronomy
3) Kabbalah known as mathematics
4) Magic as magic

Let us see now what Initiatic Sciences has to offer:
The world of PRINCIPLES: this world is comprised of:
The world of Unity which contains:
Duality:  male/female;  positive/negative; electricity/magnetism
Trinity: Intellect/light/wisdom
Give me one example of something in the universe that reflects perfectly well these 3 elements of the trinity: Yes, the sun!  We are all, in essence, sons and daughters of the sun for we hold the same 3 elements: an intellect, a heart and a willpower each one of these with their psychic and spiritual correspondances:  of light/wisdom, warmth/love and life/truth! 

In the past, this trinity was developed as a triangle pointing up representing the desire to reach up to God, developing in isolation like the hermits, monk and nuns. Often negating the body and its needs, or even despising the earth.
In the Aquarian Age, this trinity must be inverted i.e. the triangle pointing down which represents bringing Heaven on Earth by putting all the aspects of ourselves in perfect balance and harmony and become living/walking models. 

The world of LAWS: 
Law of Karma, which is the law of action/reaction. It is the law of agriculture: you sow potatoes, you reep potatoes. That law rules all of Mother Nature. It is the law of divine justice.
Law of Reincarnation:  what you bind yourself to on Earth must be unbound on earth.
Law of Magic:  There are 3 expressions of that law: law of recording; law of affinity and law of echo (backlash)

The world of METHODS:
Here are some of the methods proposed by Masters Peter Deunov and Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov for a modern practice of spirituality :
Nutrition:  transformation of raw substance into energy
Sunrise:  transformation of oneself through establishing a link with our Higher Self
Modern prayers:  a language of the heart
Collective activities:  singing, laser meditation on the light to uplift ourselves and humanity
Paneurythmy:  a sacred dance to balance our feminine/masculine energies and in harmony with Nature and the entire cosmos
Morning gymnastics: a series of exercises with formulas to touch our physical, mental and spiritual bodies (see these exercices on youtube:

The Teaching of OMA are essentially an oral teaching based on 78 years of conferences which have been compiled mainly into 2 collections of books: theComplete Worksand the Izvor collection, (the pocket book edition). There are some 80 titles, published in more than 32 languages. All the work done for the publishing of the books and for the organizing of the congresses throughout the world is done by the disciples themselves. There are no PR or marketing agencies.

In the next issue, we will review some of these methods and exercices. Stay tune again!
Love and light on behalf of the whole team

Co-ordinator of The Aquarian Team.

You can also see many excerpts of Master Omraam's lectures on YouTube:

Issue #70 - Initiatic Science

What is Initiatic Science? It is the body of knowledge acquired by the great Initiates and Masters through the ages revealed to them by the Invisible world to help mankind in its development. 
 This science, or body of knowledge, was taught to few and carefully selected students who demonstrated a strong psyche and disinterested nature. It was considered both sacred and secret and the disciples had to undergo trials and tests to prove their worthiness.
 It passed through Atlantis, Egypt, India, Tibet and became more popular under Esoteric Science in the modern age.  Some of the Initiates and Masters include Moses, Rama, Krishna, Plato, Orpheus, Buddha, Hermes Trismegistus, Pythagoras, Jesus and many more.
These teachings are based on essential truths. Truths which are immutable and stable as they are close to Spirit.These essential truths are called Principles and laws. Laws that apply to both: to the realm of nature and to the human psyche.
What changes in the course of time is the application and methods, which are closer to matter and need to be adapted for each epoch. Example: Old Testament, eye for eye and tooth for tooth / New Testament, love each other.
At this epoch, humanity is sufficiently developed for this science to be revealed and assimilated by the many.
The Teaching of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov encompasses, synthesizes and adapts that knowledge for contemporary living.
 As we approach the Aquarian age, we stand at a crossroad where humanity needs the most prepared and advanced to bridge the old age, Piscean age to the new Aquarian Age.  The Aquarian Age is a spiritual age, an age of collectivity, of integrating the different aspects of oneself so we become whole.
The term “Initiatic Science” derives from the Teachings of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov.  It has been recognized by to the Initiates and great Masters that their inspiration and knowledge came from the invisible world and was linked to a greater hierarchy known as “The Universal White Brotherhood”.  The invisible family of great souls who work together to do the will of God and to help humanity in its evolution towards perfection.  Aivanhov founded his movement under that same name and was clear to explain that, here on Earth; we were only a small branch office of the great one on high.
 Mikhael Aivanhov was born in Bulgaria in January 1900.  He studied under a spiritual Master, Peter Deunov, who had returned to Bulgaria after completing his medical studies in America. Just before the 2nd World War, Deunov counted over 40,000 disciples and, sensing the political unrest, sent his best disciple, Mikhael Aivanhov, to France to insure to survival of his teachings. Aivanhov had become a disciple of Deunov while he was still in his teens. He studied several disciplines at university and at the time he was sent to France, he was principal of a school. He received the honorific title of OMRAAM while in India in the 1950 after meeting the sage BABAJI and which means Solve & Coagula. Aivanhov was on a one-year trip in India and when he returned to France, he had grown white and his disciples, noticing the change that took place, started calling him Master.
Next month, we will pursue this subject with the 4 great sciences of the Initiates. Stay tune!

Love and light on behalf of the whole team

Co-ordinator of The Aquarian Team.

Issue #69 - Happy New Year everyone

As mentioned in previous January issues, the first 12 days of the year represent the entire year, the 1st being January, the 2nd February and so forth. So, if you pay attention to the way you live during the first 12 days, you will find the link to each corresponding month. You might even like to keep a diary of how your day enfolded, not only with events and people you met but also with your thoughts, feelings and actions. Later on, as each month goes by, you can verify the correspondence between the notes you took in your diary and the month itself.

All this to say is being aware, conscious, of where we stand within, is what determines the next moment because only in each present moment can we improve the next moment.  As students of life, the greatest responsibility we have is to become aware so we can choose the course of life and eventually we truly become the master of our destiny.
Wishing each and everyone of you many blessings filled with harmony, beauty and inspiration.

Love and light on behalf of the whole team

Issue #68 - December, the Christmas month

Already December, the Christmas month. Whether you live in the Northern or Southern hemisphere, the celebration of the birth of Christ is more symbolic than seasonal. Although, from a geographic point of view, it made sense that it was attributed around the winter solstice, time of the year when darkness is at its most dominant and when we stay more indoor, draw within.
 From an initiatic point of view, which is beyond geography, the birth of Christ represents a profound inner work where we are invited to go deep within our own being, through the darkness, to find the light of our own Christ child. It is good to remember that Christ is not a being but a state of consciousness. Jesus was the wonderful man and great initiate who was able to manifest the spirit of Christ. He was not born Christ, he was born Jesus, but through several initiations and inner work, he embodied for his last three years that state of consciousness that the Christ light is all about. It is reported in the Gospel of John versus 14:12 that whoever believed in Him [the Christ] will also do the works that he did and even greater works. It means that the Christ light is also accessible to every one of us.
 In our first book, What the Future of Humanity could be, we mention in the chapter entitled Science, Conscience and Superconsciousness this subject. Here is an extract that is most appropriate for this time of the year.

         Contemporary science agreed a long time ago that we only use a small fraction of our full potential. What is this full potential they are referring to? It is certainly not the capacity for more brain power. It is said that Einstein developed his capacity to 10 percent; if that is the case, most of us are well below that. Imagine what we could achieve if we developed our capacity to its full potential—to 100 percent. According to the point of view of initiatic science, this full potential comes from the superconsciousness, from this inner being, this inner spark, this profound spring, our Higher Self, where everything comes from. This source is often referred to as the fountain of youth or the philosopher’s stone. Superconsciousness is, in fact, the Second Birth, Self-realization, the Christ consciousness!
Superconsciousness does not emerge from the intellect but manifests through other faculties that are more subtle and sensitive, such as the intuition that lives in the soul and spirit. Our full potential is the superconsciousness; it is, in fact, the Christ within!

On behalf of the entire team, we wish you all a happy Christ birthing.

Co-ordinator of The Aquarian Team.
You can also see many excerpts of Master Omraam's lectures on YouTube

Issue #67 - A current of life, a current of death

In the Catholic religion, the month of November is entirely devoted to the deceased and praying for the souls of the departed one as well as all Saints.  For those of us, in the Norther Hemisphere, it gets darker sooner every day and nature goes dormant clothed in drab colors waiting for its white blanket to brighten up the days. Also, outdoor activities slow down and we stay indoor longer. It is also a good time to go within. To take stock of where we are at.  
Here is some appropriate "food for thought" on from Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov about finding contentment and gratitude at this time of the year:

There exists a law of affinity which determines that each element is related by its vibrations, its very quintessence, to other elements of the same nature. And this affinity gives you a certain power of attraction. By your thoughts and feelings, you attract beings, elements and events of a like nature.  Your thoughts and feelings, therefore, can cause you to be ground to dust or to become monarch of the world! It’s clear and simple….”
There is a current of life… There is a current of death…
The first stage of death is discontentment. If you are not careful, discontentment can turn into displeasure, and displeasure in turn becomes unhappiness. In the same way, unhappiness becomes pain, and pain can become physical. Physical pain becomes illness and leads to death.
A great deal of distress, regret and remorse accompany each of these stages.
The beginning of eternal life is contentment and gratitude which bring joy. Joy brings peace, tranquility and happiness. These in turn bring strength followed by fulfillment and, finally, eternal life...

This extract was taken from the website of the Universal White in the section : Laws of Affinity. The books by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov are published by Prosveta and are available through Amazon. 

Co-ordinator of The Aquarian Team.