The Aquarian Team

All the authors and translators of the Aquarian Team have offered their time on a voluntary basis. They are all professionals in each their respective field and wanted to show their gratitude by doing so.  They also accepted to donate the profit of their royalties to charitable organizations that promote the well-being of people and the protection of nature to ensure a promising future.

Thank you to all those who accepted to gracefully participate to this project.

They are listed here by alphabetical order:

Denise Bertrand

Canadian living in Thailand. International Director, writer and producer of Drama programs and Shows for youth.

Author of the chapter # 7 in our first book "Art: Source of Inspiration for the Soul."

Claude Brun

Okanagan Valley, British-Columbia, Canada. Artist, photographer, researcher.

Author of chap. 8 in our first book together with France & Carmen "Nature and its changes." and chap. 10: "Melchizedek": Master of Masters." Also author of chap. 1 in our second book: "Claude's journey." 

Rolff Désiré

Ottawa, Canada. Sales representative

Author of chap. 9 in our first book "Aquarius: Fusion of the Religions."

Carmen Froment

Kelowna, British-Columbia, Canada. Flight Attendant, translator and team coordinator.

In the first book author of chap. 1 "Politics: Aristocracy, Democracy and Synarchy." Chap. 4: "Evolution and Involution" and chap. 12 "A Golden Age" together with France Gilbert. Also author of chap. 4 in our second book:  "Carmen's journey."

France Gilbert

Victoria, British-Columbia, Canada. Accountant

Author of chap. 5 in our first book: "The Role of Women and Motherhood." 


Sally Huss

Solana Beach, California, USA. Author of children's books and artist

Author of Chap. 2 in our 2nd book:  "Sally's journey"

Richard Kamendje

Austria. UN, Physicist.

Author of chap. 3 in our first book: "Education versus Pedagogy."

Bertrand LefÈvre

Provence, France, IT specialist

Author of chap. 5 in our second book: "Bertrand's journey"

Carla Machado and Adolfo Leite

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Carla:  Psychotherapist and astrologer. President of ANEP Brazil and Vice-President of OMAEP.
Adolfo:  HR at IBM, acupuncturist.

Author of chap. 6 in our second book: "Carla and Adolfo's journey"

Laura Uplinger

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:  Psychologist specializing in the filed of conscious conception, prenatal and perinatal parenting.

Author of 7 in our second book: "Laura's journey" as well as the addendum.

Christiane van Aken

Sydney, Australia. Accountant, Artist

Author in our first book of chap. 11: "Creating Unity amongst Spiritualists"

Mikhael Van Aken

Sydney, Australia. Entrepreneur/Sales

Author of chap. 6 in our first book: "Science, Conscience and Superconsciousness."

Mark Walker

Kelowna, British-Columbia, Canada. Entrepreneur/Corporate owner

Author of chap. 2 in our first book: "Economy: To Take and to Give" and also author of chap. 3 in our second book: "Mark's journey."