Awakening: Our soul journeys

Awakening: Our soul journeys

In our first book, we shed some light on subjects that presently affect societies around the world, such as politics, education, the economy, art, the role of women, and so on. We didn’t talk about ourselves. 

In this book, we want to touch your heart and take you on our personal journeys, our soul’s journeys, as we reached a point in life when we questioned the purpose of our existence . . . when we felt there had to be more than merely eating, sleeping, working, raising a family, and acquiring possessions. 

Of course, all of these are important, but a part of us remained dissatisfied, thirsty and ready to explore other realms of our being. So we each embarked on a quest leading up the mountain of our soul and spirit. Our paths towards the summit are all different, yet we share an element we came to recognize as essential—when climbing a mountain, a well-trained guide is life-saving. In our stories, we each meet such a spiritual guide, a master mountaineer able to show us the way toward the spiritual summits: Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. 


Discover how his self-mastery and the many methods he suggested influenced us. Discover the direction we have taken as a result and how we keep climbing! 

Join us in the awakenings to new heights of consciousness!

“The spirit is above everything else, and when you succeed in becoming one with it, in identifying with it, you receive strength, peace of mind, illumination.”
— Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Awakening: Our Soul Journeys
By The Aquarian Team


List of Chapters:

Foreword by Louise-Marie Frenette
1. Claude's journey
2. Sally's journey
3. Mark's journey
4. Carmen's journey
5. Bertrand's journey
6. Interview with Carla Machado and Adolfo Leite
7. Laura's journey and Addendum
Postface by Hubert Mansion