Issue #68 - December, the Christmas month

Already December, the Christmas month. Whether you live in the Northern or Southern hemisphere, the celebration of the birth of Christ is more symbolic than seasonal. Although, from a geographic point of view, it made sense that it was attributed around the winter solstice, time of the year when darkness is at its most dominant and when we stay more indoor, draw within.
 From an initiatic point of view, which is beyond geography, the birth of Christ represents a profound inner work where we are invited to go deep within our own being, through the darkness, to find the light of our own Christ child. It is good to remember that Christ is not a being but a state of consciousness. Jesus was the wonderful man and great initiate who was able to manifest the spirit of Christ. He was not born Christ, he was born Jesus, but through several initiations and inner work, he embodied for his last three years that state of consciousness that the Christ light is all about. It is reported in the Gospel of John versus 14:12 that whoever believed in Him [the Christ] will also do the works that he did and even greater works. It means that the Christ light is also accessible to every one of us.
 In our first book, What the Future of Humanity could be, we mention in the chapter entitled Science, Conscience and Superconsciousness this subject. Here is an extract that is most appropriate for this time of the year.

         Contemporary science agreed a long time ago that we only use a small fraction of our full potential. What is this full potential they are referring to? It is certainly not the capacity for more brain power. It is said that Einstein developed his capacity to 10 percent; if that is the case, most of us are well below that. Imagine what we could achieve if we developed our capacity to its full potential—to 100 percent. According to the point of view of initiatic science, this full potential comes from the superconsciousness, from this inner being, this inner spark, this profound spring, our Higher Self, where everything comes from. This source is often referred to as the fountain of youth or the philosopher’s stone. Superconsciousness is, in fact, the Second Birth, Self-realization, the Christ consciousness!
Superconsciousness does not emerge from the intellect but manifests through other faculties that are more subtle and sensitive, such as the intuition that lives in the soul and spirit. Our full potential is the superconsciousness; it is, in fact, the Christ within!

On behalf of the entire team, we wish you all a happy Christ birthing.

Co-ordinator of The Aquarian Team.
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