Issue #67 - A current of life, a current of death

In the Catholic religion, the month of November is entirely devoted to the deceased and praying for the souls of the departed one as well as all Saints.  For those of us, in the Norther Hemisphere, it gets darker sooner every day and nature goes dormant clothed in drab colors waiting for its white blanket to brighten up the days. Also, outdoor activities slow down and we stay indoor longer. It is also a good time to go within. To take stock of where we are at.  
Here is some appropriate "food for thought" on from Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov about finding contentment and gratitude at this time of the year:

There exists a law of affinity which determines that each element is related by its vibrations, its very quintessence, to other elements of the same nature. And this affinity gives you a certain power of attraction. By your thoughts and feelings, you attract beings, elements and events of a like nature.  Your thoughts and feelings, therefore, can cause you to be ground to dust or to become monarch of the world! It’s clear and simple….”
There is a current of life… There is a current of death…
The first stage of death is discontentment. If you are not careful, discontentment can turn into displeasure, and displeasure in turn becomes unhappiness. In the same way, unhappiness becomes pain, and pain can become physical. Physical pain becomes illness and leads to death.
A great deal of distress, regret and remorse accompany each of these stages.
The beginning of eternal life is contentment and gratitude which bring joy. Joy brings peace, tranquility and happiness. These in turn bring strength followed by fulfillment and, finally, eternal life...

This extract was taken from the website of the Universal White in the section : Laws of Affinity. The books by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov are published by Prosveta and are available through Amazon. 

Co-ordinator of The Aquarian Team.