Issue #66 - The Yoga of Nutrition

Everyone knows the importance of eating to sustain our energy and health yet how do people eat most of the time? While talking, in a hurry and even sometimes while arguing which poisons their food. Of course, what we eat is important such as living ingredients which bring more life than dead ingredients. Have you noticed that when you are very hungry, only a few mouthfuls make you feel better already! That is because of the vitality of the food which is extracted by our most important laboratory: the mouth sends a feeling of satisfaction to our physical body. Indeed, the mouth possesses some glands that extract the subtle etheric particles from the food and makes us feel revitalized whereas the grosser particles go to the second laboratory, the stomach to process them.  

  • How to feed to subtle bodies to get the most benefits?

In order to feel more strength, joy and inspiration in our daily life, the practice of Yoga of Nutrition tells us to eat with concentration, in a peaceful ambiance, starting with a blessing over the food so our body vibrates in harmony with it. Then to nourish our astral body, the body of emotion, it is suggested that we feel gratitude for the food that Mother Nature has prepared in her laboratories to sustain us. In return that gratitude will grow in our consciousness and feed the astral body. Then, to nourish the mental body, while concentrating on our food, we can reflect on all the influences the food has received from the cosmos: the sun, the moon, the rain, the warmth, the earth and so forth. In this way, our mental body is nourished through this form of meditation.
Since we normally eat three times a day, it gives us an incredible opportunity to expand our consciousness strengthening our physical body as the food is processed in a nice vibration environment, nourishing our subtle bodies so we can go about our daily activities with peace, joy and inspiration!
I will be hosting a workshop on Nov. 1 in the Toronto area with a theory part such explaining more about the Yoga of Nutrition and a practical part during which we will prepare the food and eat it together.
This concept of the Yoga of Nutrition is presented in 2 books:  the pocket book entitled The Yoga of Nutrition and a hard cover Hrani Yoga, the alchemical and magical meaning of nutrition. Both are by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov and published by Prosveta. They are available through Amazon. If you are in the Toronto area, see the flyer below to join us.

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Co-ordinator of The Aquarian Team.