Issue #56 - The strength of spirit!

When we talk about someone being strong, we may first think of their physical strength and that is because we are living at an epoch when we are terribly materialized so our understanding pertains to an external perception. Of course, depending on the subject of conversation, we may associate someone's strength to their moral values because they are determined, courageous, etc.

What makes someone strong inwardly comparing to others. Is it just a matter of character, of will power? Is someone born with such strength? In his book entitled Life Force, Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov explains the difference between temperament and character. Temperament is defined as the inherited part of our makeup such as the subconscious forces which we cannot so easily change because they are the result not only of our genetics but also our past lives.

The character, on the other hand, is the conscious part of us, what we work on through our intelligence, our will, our efforts to improve ourselves and give a direction to our energies either through developing a skill, a talent, attaining a better position or best, to reach our highest potential. Then the question is what element shall we work with when it comes to developing inner strength? What is the conscious part of us, the part that makes decisions, that propels us forward? It is certainly not the brain itself, for the brain is an organ, like the heart or the stomach although far more complex. That element is the spirit within us. That subtle yet invincible part of us, that imponderable yet perceptible through our consciousness. It is the "I" part of us that thinks, feels and moves forward. Without that spirit within, we are only flesh and bones. It is the reason why Initiates invite us to give more importance to the spirit, the spirit within, not an external force but a force that resides within.

In our first book, in the chapter entitled "Evolution and Involution", we mention the work of matter and spirit: matter seeks to transform itself, that is evolution whereas spirit seeks to descend into matter, that is involution. Spirit needs matter to work on, it needs our conscious awareness of its presence. "Spirit works to harmonize, embellish, illuminate, vivify and resuscitate everything." It is the very nature of spirit to push and thrust forward to manifest itself so it up to us to give it our best attention. There are many methods and exercises given by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov in his collection of books to help us develop ourselves into the divine beings that we are meant to be!

Carmen, for The Aquarian Team