Issue #55 - Work, Faith, Time

It is the Daily Meditation of today that inspires me to write about work, faith and time on this 1st of November.
Materialists know that in order to be successful they have to put a lot of efforts into their work to eventually obtain the results they wish for. Yes, and for some reasons, spiritualists expect immediate result when they begin to put efforts into their development. Is it because it is intangible that they expect fast results? On earth, we have to deal with time, it is part of the rhythm of the manifested world but on the subtle realms, time does not have the same value: time is stretched to infinity. So, the work and the efforts one puts into a material realization may take a finite amount of time and when that person goes, the activity stops. Whereas, into spiritual activities, whatever amount of work one puts into action, it is never lost to time, it will remain with the person's soul forever. That is why great spiritual teachers recommend their disciples to work, work without quitting, have faith that no effort is ever lost and give time, let time carry their efforts into higher realizations that will not perish with human time.
Most human beings think of work as an effort to sustain and improve their life yet there is another level to work as understood by the Initiates. That is a work based on the freedom they have acquired through their mastery. They do not wish to work for themselves but for the whole of humanity. Their work is of a noble and sublime nature. They have the ultimate faith that every efforts count for the improvement of all beings and know that with time every soul will wish to reintegrate their celestial kingdom.

Master Peter Deunov had given his disciples these 3 words: "Rabota, Rabota, Rabota, Vrémé, Vrémé, Vrémé, Vera, vera, vera" wish means: Work, Work, Work, Faith, Faith, Faith and Time, Time, Time and told them to meditate on these 3 words for they contained a whole philosophy.

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Carmen, for The Aquarian Team