Issue #57 - The first 12 days of the year!

Happy New Year dear fellow readers! We wish it to be fruitful and revealing to your highest good!
In the Initiatic tradition, it is said that the first 12 days of the year represent the entire new year, each day corresponding to each successive month, i.e. the 1st: January, the 2nd: February, the 3rd: March and so on.
If we live well during those first 12 days, it will be reflected in the entire year.  It is well worth it to know that and to make an effort to be aware, be vigilant and also be thankful.
It is recommended that every night before going to bed we write the main events and states of being of the day so that later on, as the months come and go, we reread the corresponding day.
Moreover, this exercise is like developing a new habit that imprints on our consciousness, on our thinking, feeling and acting so that our whole behavior, like a groove in new soil with fresh seeds, creates new living conditions.
Recently, on a Facebook page I read the following:
"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their life by altering their attitudes." William James, American physician, philosopher and psychologist (1842-1910).
If you are particularly keen on discovering who you are from within, as we are so much more than just a body and a brain, we recommend reading Know Thyself: Jnana Yoga by Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov available through Amazon
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Carmen for The Aquarian Team