Issue #42 - Excerpt from our new book entitled Awakening: our soul journeys

After 2 years of preparation, our new book is finally coming out. It relates to each our journey, our spiritual awakening. If we did not speak about ourselves in the 1st book, in this 2nd one we dare reveal ourselves and share with you the steps that led us to major shifts in our lives. Here is an excerpt of the 1st chapter: Claude's journey. We hope you will be curious to read each our chapter and feel moved by our experiences.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are beginning our descent towards the airport of Lyon Satolas. Please return to your seats, fasten your seat belts, and extinguish your cigarettes…”
In 1976, I was working for Air France as a cabin crewmember. When making this announcement, little did I know that I was about to meet someone in this city who would change many things in my life...
Some friends from Cambodia were hosting a party and had invited a few members of my family. Cambodia is the country where I grew up until the age of eight and a half. I wanted to join them, but the party was in Annecy, 145 km from Lyon.
Since I was supposed to spend the night in Lyon with the rest of the crew, I needed the authorization from the captain to go to Annecy. He didn’t refuse, but warned me that being late would not be tolerated by our employer.
After calling to let my friends know I would be there, I rented a car and left for Annecy. My intent was to refrain from picking up hitchhikers. Having been one myself on many occasions, I often rendered this service, but this time I was in a hurry and decided not to. As I was about to exit Lyon, the traffic light turned green, and someone standing nearby caught my attention.
A young, smiling, blond man, all dressed in white, was hitchhiking. Reflex kicked in and I stopped, forgetting my resolution. I motioned the young fellow to join me and told him I was in a hurry, on my way to Annecy. He replied with a smile that Annecy was his destination as well.
I got back on the road, and soon we were engaged in a friendly conversation.
Looking at my white shirt, navy blue tie and the badge on my chest, he asked where I was working. “Up there with God,” I replied, pointing a finger towards the sky. He didn’t say anything, just laughed. Interestingly, he didn’t pursue the matter and seemed to enjoy the image.
Why had I answered that way? I don’t really know. He then began to talk about the upcoming Age of Aquarius and the changes that would occur… about brotherhood on earth, and about the love that transforms everything. It was beautiful and fascinating to listen to him.
Somehow, I had always felt a respect for "Heaven," so I listened intently to what my passenger was saying.
I wasn’t involved in any religion or yoga practice, but I had always appreciated the spirituality of the American Indians and was quite open to the subject in general.
Our discussion was lively and engaging, our sharing sincere and interesting.
Dusk is that time of day when darkness begins to embrace the landscape, heralding the night. It was growing dark in the car, except for the dim, colorful glow of the dashboard lights.
My passenger took a tiny picture out of his pocket and showed it to me. I saw an extraordinary gaze, and immediately felt a warm expansion in my solar plexus. I looked ahead at the road again, but my eyes soon returned to the photo. I saw that this look belonged to a beautiful man with white hair and a white beard. Deeply moved, I asked who this person was. “Mikhaël” is all I remember him saying.
By the time we entered Annecy, the party had faded from my mind. At an underpass I stopped to let my passenger out, but that was not the end of it; we sat on the hood of the car and continued our conversation.
It wasn’t until a few hours later that I suddenly remembered the purpose of my trip. It was one a.m.! He gave me a few brochures, and reluctantly we parted. I hurried off to the reunion of the old friends from Indochina."