Issue #43 - This Fall, take time to grow inwardly!

Fall is upon us, sunny warm days are replaced by cloudy cold days and it is time to stay inside more often than not, to take a book, sit and read. While doing so, why not order our new book: Awakening: our soul journeys. We, the authors relate our own story, where we come from, the culture in which we grew up and how we awakened to a higher reality, that of the soul and the spirit. And although we are now connected through the same Teaching, our experiences are all very diversified and inspiring.

Since all human beings are equally composed of a mind, a heart, a will, a soul and a spirit, why not feed the more sublte elements of your being by nourishing the soul and the spirit. Give yourself a gift this season: food for thought, peace and quiet with a good book.

By the way, all the authors of The Aquarian Team have agreed to donate the profit of the sales to charitable organizations. This year again, we are donating to an organization called Operation Smile which help children with cleft palate to improve their chances of a brighter future.

And for those of you who wish another good read, we suggest: The Life of a Master in the West by Louise-Marie Frenette who wrote the Foreword to our book, available through Amazon.