Issue #41 - Enjoying the starts at night

Who is not dazzled by the beauty of the twinkling stars on a nice summer night? They fascinate us to the point of never wanting to stop observing and admiring them! And it is so easy to get swept by their splendor and to forget everything else!

Indeed, if the luminous sun brings us light, warmth and life during the day, the stars at night reveal all the depth, the immensity and the unfathomable mystery of our universe!

Through what magic, what unknown power have they emerged from this infinite space … what formidable geometry organized them in such a perfect order?

Who are those grand luminous Beings who dedicate their energies to creating these worlds? So many thoughts surfacing within while contemplating them! So many reflections taking us gently out of space and time beyond the daily obligations that limit us! These far away stars are blazing suns from which sublime entities work and send their messages of love and wisdom that we shall one day learn to read and understand! Our soul and spirit are so thirsty for such blessed moments where eternity and infinity penetrate us, enchant us and fulfill us with harmony and peace!

In the silence of the night, imagine that you are leaving the earth and all its conflicts and tragedies behind you and becoming a citizen of the heavens. Meditate on the beauty of the stars and the magnificence of the beings that inhabit them. Little by little, as you rise mentally higher and higher, you will begin to feel lighter and freer […]

While meditating on the Wisdom that created all these worlds and the beings of which they are a reflection, you will sense that your soul is putting out very subtle antennae which enable it to communicate with them. O.M.A The Path of Silence, p. 153

As we reach the end of Summer or the beginning of Spring for others, let us benefit from these clear and quiet nights and pull ourselves away from our daily affairs to project ourselves into the starry sky and become one with the cosmos and its inhabitants. We can thus discover anew our divine essence, refill ourselves with hope and become visionaries of a wonderful future for our humanity!

Have a wonderful month of September!
France Gilbert, author of the chapter The Role of Women and Motherhood in our 1st book!