Issue #4 - A matter of perception

Recently a cousin of mine came over for a visit. One day as we were having a chat the subject suddenly turned serious and we found ourselves discussing religion in general. This was very interesting because people from where he comes from think that the catholic religion is the ultimate and that anything else is perceived as no good.

Almost every religion or spiritual movement tend to think that they are better and they do their best to try to convince others of it and this ends up with all sort of issues. It is not the religions or various philosophies that are at the core of this misunderstanding; it is actually a matter of perception; the kind that comes from borrowed knowledge and intellectual understanding.
This type of mental and intellectual knowledge is the one that divides everything and which is the cause of conflicts.

Luckily more and more people are now coming to the understanding that there is only one God, Life force or Universal Power and that truth exists in all religions and spiritual movements not only in the West but also in the East.

More people are now awakening to the inner knowing that comes when the inner connection with the Life Force, God or Universal Power is made. When this connection is made the individual finally understands that his/her family is the whole world not just a few, and no longer feels the need to push his or her view on others.

Imagine what would happen if more and more people with the above understanding decide to unite and create a world of beauty, peace and harmony, joy where all people on earth live and experience Divine Love and Light, in complete harmony with Nature.

Christiane van Aken for The Aquarian Team