Issue #3 - What is the purpose of all this

At one point or other throughout our lives, most of us ask ourselves the question what life is all about? Where we come from and where we go from here? What is the purpose of all this running around, the struggles and difficulties? What makes us be born in one part of the world and not another where constant conflicts assail the population.

These are very fundamental questions and although we may not get answers on the first round of questioning, they may keep coming back to mind until the day when a particular book, movie or person lifts the veil to make us think twice. Thus begins our inner journey.

It seems like we live our lives as if we were in a semi dark room, moving around within the space and activities available to us in that room yet totally unaware that beyond that room exists a field of pure light with a glorious landscape. At times, we may be curious or wondering enough to peek through the key hole of the door hoping for more but remain locked in the room of our habits, culture and beliefs.

The Initiates and great Masters tell us that beyond the world of our limited awareness exists a world of incredible beauty and harmony where everything is light and sound. To access this world, they invite us to open the door, open our awareness, and leave the confinement of the room in which we stand to walk into the beautiful landscaping and symphony of our divinity!

The only limits we face are the ones we lock ourselves in. There are numerous activities and methods to help us walk through that door. Find out more by reading our book "What the Future of Humanity could be" or recommend it to your friends and neighbors!

Carmen Froment for The Aquarian Team