Issue #2 - The evolution of societal life

In the chain of events on our dear planet the true links between causes and consequences may not always be apparent or easy to decipher. Nonetheless, the undeniable fact of their existence is there. On the other hand, for a process to unfold its dynamics up to its full potential, required necessary conditions must be met throughout the development path. This applies regardless the qualitative nature of the initial trigger (cause or action) and the associated final state (consequence).

The evolution of societal life can certainly also be looked at as a process triggered by human needs for improved living conditions. Yet, from a holistic or spiritual perspective, improved living conditions must include the provision for a balanced, harmonious and fulfilled human life in their will to physically realize something tangible, their need to develop and experience the qualities of the heart, and their desire to penetrate the various spheres of knowledge through the mind. Taking this as the goal of the quest, the evolution of societal life will definitely require a new set of initial conditions in order for the corresponding dynamics to manifest itself. Among the many initial conditions that can be mentioned, let us point out one particular one: As many people as possible on earth should perceive the need and deeply wish for the right type of societal evolution.

This is perhaps the most difficult step, but where the Aquarian Team is inviting everybody in this June issue to make a contribution. In fact, this is much simpler than one might initially anticipate. The recipe reads: work with spiritual light. Just as sunlight has the ability to let us see on the physical plane, spiritual light also has the property of letting us understand what the best choices are for our evolution. Using the power of our imagination, the first part of the exercise consist of regularly connecting with bright spiritual light that is spread throughout the universe, surrounding oneself with its shine, bathing in it and imploring it to become part of oneself.

The second part of the exercise also calls the power of our imagination to contemplate our whole planet covered in a vibrant sheet of light that penetrates everything and every being. Since spiritual light knows best when and how to bring the right messages to their recipients, soon or later our brothers and sisters on earth will be tuning to the new ideas and vision of improved life and improved living conditions on our planet. So let us all be active sources of light and form a network that continuously spans the whole planet. Let us all be triggers of an evolutionary step that will see all humans working together as one single family.

Richard Kamendje for The Aquarian Team