Issue #1 - What the Future of Humanity could be!

Two years have passed since the idea of writing a book by the Aquarian Team on issues impacting on human life sprouted, grew and is now bearing fruit. Indeed, this is the first issue of a newsletter following the publication of our book entitled “What the Future of Humanity could be!”

The current transitions in Nature at this time of the year naturally impose to our minds and souls the phenomena at the Equinoxes as a subject of meditation that we should like to consider for this first issue, whether we live on the Northern or Southern hemisphere. With some minimum sense of observation and level of perceptibility this phenomena appears as an almost common experience that Spring and Fall generate in oneself characteristic feelings with the potential to drive us in one direction or another. The key question now reads: how can these influencing forces be consciously used for our inner development towards a status of purity, liberty, freedom and fulfilment?

At the Spring Equinox, just like a seed is called forth to wake up after a dormant period when the days get longer and the warmth of the sunrays beckons it to life, we also observe in us a stirring, a joy, as if something is calling us also to move, go for a walk in the park and be more alive. When spring finally comes we observe a renewal taking place. Should this remain physical or psychological only? How about using this now available renewal power to consciously wake up the seeds of qualities and virtues deposited in us by the Creator through the warmth of our love and the light of understanding? We feel this idea worthwhile trying given the many positive changes and improvements that can result in oneself for the benefit of the whole mankind.

At the Fall Equinox, as the trees let go off their old leaves and plants their flowers, so can one shed undesirable elements such as old habits and negative thought forms, and bring one’s energies within for a period of inner work. A work to separate good from bad features often pretty entangled, and consolidate constructive inner acquisitions.

As a matter of fact, the Initiates and great spiritual Masters of humanity have always used and continue to use these powerful currents in Nature to do a work in the depth of their being and bring fruit for all. If the poets and musicians marvel at the various and almost unlimited expressions in Mother Nature, may be Higher Beings also delight in the positive changes and expressions of our inner seeds.

Carmen Froment for The Aquarian Team