Issue #5 - Man, Know Thyself

In the West we have been institutionalised and taught to give much attention to our physical body; so much in fact that we have slowly forgotten who we really are. We are neither the physical body, nor the mind or the soul; these are merely vessels that our consciousness picks up along the way on its journey into the physical body. We are growth seeking, non-physical, vibrational immortal beings, extended consciousness of our real selves that are now temporarily housed in these so called “material” bodies.

We are actually not that far separated from our real selves as we believe, it only feels that way, but we never are. The reason why most people feel so disconnected from their real selves is because they live rather chaotic lives. They have very little time for anything else so everything is taken for granted. It no longer comes into their minds to question themselves until everything is crumbling apart around them. However if only they could take the time to quiet down even if it is for only 15 minutes a day, they would realise that there is something coming from within like a gentle calling.

“Man, Know Thyself”, was once written over the entrance to the temple of Delphi. Many books have been written on this subject. One of the world’s greatest sages Sri Ramana Maharshi said that the quickest path to self-realisation is the path of self-inquiry and that the one who seeks his real self will not be afraid of any obstacle. To ask the mind “Who am I” will force the mind to question and to look deeply into itself from where it come from.

Here is a simple exercise to help you. Find a comfortable place to sit quietly and relax, and then ask yourself the question: “Who am I”. Gently focus your natural awareness on the Omnipresence of the inner being who is the true seer “behind you”, the one that never moves, never sleeps and is totally aware. As there is a small gap between the mind and the real self, the mind cannot connect and comprehend the state of the real self as only our consciousness can breach that gap. Let thoughts, feelings and sensations pass on the screen of your mind without given it any attention or energy. However don’t be fooled by trying to fight the mind to be quiet as the mind will never stop trying to take your awareness away on the presence of your real self. The mind will succeed many times to persuade you and that’s ok. When you have realised this be appreciative of the mind’s work to show you the false version of yourself, and just refocus your awareness once again on the presence of your inner being and continue. Only when you have looked through the eyes of your inner being you will feel the boundless Joy and know instantly that you also have been looking through the eyes of All That Is or God.

To Know Thyself can only come via the direct experience of your connection with the real self or inner being.

Mikhaël van Aken for The Aquarian Team