Issue #31 - Time to light up our inner lamp!

Perfect month to reflect and go within; month of gratitude and devotion towards the souls who have lived amongst us and left for the world of light! All of nature invites us to a quiet and gentle return to our “home”, to go within in our sacred sanctuary, our favourite space for meditation.

Following the exuberance of summer, its heat, abundance and generosity, now comes the opportune moment to rediscover the beauty of silence and the peace of our inner world. As the tree drops its leaves and slowly prepares for winter, life is inviting us to detach ourselves in order to focus on the essential and discover the soul and spirit hidden in beings and things around us. Days grow shorter and bring the twilight much earlier yet paradoxically life invites us to light up our lamps to shed a bright light within!

At the antipode of the globe, in the Southern hemisphere, spring is coming to our brothers, sisters and friends! And they rejoice in the return of the light and its victory over long nights. How wonderful our Earth is for there is always a place for the eternal spring and where the golden sun shines.

The Christ said “there are many mansions in my Father’s house”; well, there are many rooms and floors in our inner palace and here is a perfect month to begin visiting all these rooms and wings unexplored yet. How many beings reside in our inner temple and sometimes are undesirable parasites! With the help of our enlightened consciousness and the sword of our willpower, let’s walk through our inner sanctuary to clear the unpleasant tenants, discover new spaces where we can invite luminous and beneficial Beings who will bring us their hidden treasures and riches!

May this time give us a chance to welcome new Entities, shining and resplendent, bearing new forces who will help us prepare for the coming of the Christ child.

France Gilbert for The Aquarian Team