Issue #32 - Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me!

This is one of the songs from the Unity School in Missouri, USA. Simple line yet so heavy with meaning. How can we get peace on Earth?

It does not depend so much on the help of governments and organizations to bring about peace because, as we know, it is not necessarily lasting. Of course, external peace brings about security around us, in the country and in the world, which means we can go about our daily life without the fear of the "Sword of Damocles" hanging above our head!

In general, everyone wishes for peace but is it enough to guarantee it? True peace is a process that extends beyond the simple desire. It is primarily within that we have to remove the cause of war. Peace in our thoughts, feelings, actions and interaction with others.

According to the science of the Initiates (the great Sages, Masters and Seers), peace is the result of an inner state of harmony. To get to that harmony, a knowledge of the human nature and its psychic structure is necessary. The psychic structure if formed of the subtle bodies such as the mental, emotional and spiritual planes.

When we say that peace begins within, where do we look? Let's take the body for example: it has its own requirements such as food, rest and exercise. Not all kinds of food bring peace to the body; there is some types that create havoc in the organs. Do we pay attention to that and make the selection that brings harmony and health? *

Now, let's take the mental body: do we entertain thoughts of judgement on oneself or others, of endless calculations that eat away our peace of mind? And what about the emotional body with feelings of anger, hate and revenge that can turn our blood into vinegar? Or actions filled with regrets and remorse that keep us awake at night?

Since we cannot run away from our thoughts, feelings and actions, we can begin by developing an awareness of what goes on inside and tune in to what is constructive. Just like tuning onto a radio station rather than another, we have the choice to entertain ourselves with a selection of thoughts, feelings and actions that foster a state of harmony rather than cacophony and war like states.

There is a fundamental principle in the body of knowledge of all philosophic systems that human beings are composed of two natures: the human, lower self-named the personality and divine nature, the Higher Self named the individuality**. The personality is the egoist, self-centered one; it only wants to take, profit, push and pull to achieve its own interests. The individuality is the altruist one; it only wants to give, to shine, to radiate, to help others. It is in the image of the sun, of Spirit. Remember the Greek aphorism at the Temple of Apollo in Delphi: "Know thyself!"

So peace within begins with the awareness of our thoughts, feelings and actions, replacing the self serving ones with those of a more impersonal, altruist nature. Knowing thyself in our human nature and discovering thy Self in our divine nature! In that state of harmony, we can then emanate the peace we wish for!

Happy reflection on this December month and wishing you a joyful preparation for the New Year.

Carmen Froment for The Aquarian Team