Issue #30 - Expressing our thankfulness to Mother Nature

Mother Nature is so generous in her beauty, her fertility, her grandeur; how can we not be thankful for all the gifts she provides. She is a living organism, connecting us to the cosmos and transmitting us its energy and messages of the love and life. By giving her our reverence and conscious appreciation, we receive the gifts of her bounty.

She shows us through her summits how to look up to remain optimistic in the most adverse conditions and to rise above difficulties with a strong stand. She also shows us through her valleys how to remain humble by working and gathering the produce that will support our health and longevity. The nutritious elements she provides through trees and plants are only one aspect of her generosity. She works in perfect symbiosis with the sun, the air, the water, the earth to ensure growth, diversity and sustainability for humanity.

The challenge we are now faced with is to learn to eat from nature's bounty without destroying it in the process and to find our appropriate niche within nature. She has the power to feed us, to heal us and to transform the by-products into renewable energies for the earth. How magnificent is that! She deserves our respect and appreciation!

Next week, in Canada, the celebration of Thanksgiving will take place and this could be an opportunity to offer our sense of reverence and thankfulness to Mother Nature. This celebration takes place at other times in other countries but we can all link in the spirit of thankfulness wherever we are and whatever time of the year it is.

A most informative documentary is now available to that effect called "Forks over knifes" and the power that living food has to rebuild our organs. It comes with a warning: "This movie could save your life"!!! Simply fascinating. I invite you to see it:

Thank you, thank you, thank you Mother Nature for your goodness and your generosity.

Carmen Froment for The Aquarian Team