Issue #29 - Fall

Funny, or strange how we use this word Fall often to replace the word Autumn in our language in the Northern Hemisphere. When you think of the word fall it is easy to think that there may be pain involved. Fall…fell...past tense…but of course you can ‘fall in love’ and ‘he fell head over heels with her’. I love how words stimulate my moment especially when I know I am managing them. Managing words…thoughts?

Yes I have been keener these days to stop and listen to what my thoughts are telling me. Such a wonder sometimes! For example I have heard them falling into streams of self-doubt and negativity and then slashing through to prisms of high joy! Sometimes it is not until the early evening that I arrive at the gentle brook passing through a serene forest in my mind wherein the occasional bird sings and ads a texture of sweetness to my thoughts. That usually feels like a long day!

Here is something I have been practicing for three days now and I have seven more to go. I say the following two times a day.

“Novel intuitions are now erupting from my smart heart awakening me from my trance I’ve been ensnared in. I am hereby breaking and escaping obstructions that have hindered my ability to express my soul’s code. My unique capacities are being liberated, my potentials activated. I am falling in love with my mindful thoughts.”

When I was in Ecuador in June I had an amazing experience riding a horse up a mountainside. Somehow I never allowed the word ‘fall’ to enter my consciousness although many times I was on the edge of the path with the horse and with the mucky mud I could have fell into ‘my end’. Nothing tragic happened. This horse has often visited me in my mind the past few months. He reminds me of its power to overcome…the rain, the slippery slope, the demanding pull of the reins by the horseman, the weight of me on its back. I revisit the moments when I whispered to the horse ‘you are amazing’ …I am so grateful you are carrying me’… you are so powerful…thank you so much. “

Now I am going to leave you with a two -minute sizzle reel of me in Ecuador. There is a lot of footage of that mountain I just mentioned, even though there is no footage of me on the horse. As I have been on the Aquarian team since it was conceived four years ago now, I thought it might be nice for you our subscribers to get to know the team a little more as we go forward.

So will you be ‘falling’ into this new season’ or ‘rising’ into this new season coming upon us in the Northern Hemisphere? What attitude will your thoughts take? In times of inner thought struggle, may images of nature fall into your mind and bring you back to who you really are.

Denise “Feather” Bertrand for The Aquarian Team