Issue #28 - Brotherhood on Earth

Together we recently went to Bulgaria, starting with Varna then the 7 lakes of Rila and Mussala, my husband Jim, and our dear friends Veronique and Jean-Pierre from Switzerland.
It was a spiritual journey Veronique and I had wanted to do for decades and well worth the wait. For us, it meant reconnecting with the spiritual roots of our own Master, Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, who had met Master Peter Deunov in 1917 at the age of 17 in Varna, by the Black Sea in Bulgaria. In 1937, Peter Deunov sent Mikhael to France to protect and spread the Brotherhood tradition knowing that communism was on its way to Bulgaria.

So, we began in Varna, where young Mikhael had met Peter Deunov at the famous London Hotel. We were welcomed by a group of brothers and sisters who so amicably showed us around the historical points of interests that link us all to the Universal White Brotherhood. After a few days, we headed to the 7 lakes of Rila: a mountain range where the peaks contemplate themselves in the purity of the lakes with such beauty that it kept us in awe and admiration!

Back in 1922, Master Peter Deunov established the summer congress in the Rila Mountains with the brotherhood he had created in Bulgaria. A place where disciples have the opportunity to get regenerated with Mother Nature and to commune with higher Beings. But the 2nd world war came and communism denied them the spiritual liberty through the 40s until the late 70's when finally the Bulgarian Brotherhood regain the freedom to carry on their summer tradition.
What a lovely connection we experienced with the numerous brothers and sisters of Bulgaria and around the world, like finding old family members. Our guide, Joro, responsible for the foreigners, had everything ready for us: tents, food, etc and a lovely site perched on top of a ridge. His sister, Ivanka, looked after the meals with the best soups in the world!

We joined in the morning sunrise to nourish our soul and fortify our spirit on an outcrop some distance away; then went back to our campsite for breakfast, then went to dance the Paneurhythmy bare feet in the dew by the 3rd lake or by the lake of purity with live musicians, all dressed in white, in the morning sun and under the watch of the glaciers and surrounding mountain peaks: what a joy to commune with nature and the entire cosmos through this sublime harmonious dance! And finally, in the evening, we met for prayer and singing at still another location.

Our days were busy attending the different activities or exploring the surroundings, the different lakes and panoramic view points, stopping for picnic lunches or to offer our gratitude to the luminous Beings inhabiting the region. Where ever we went, we had to trek up and down; not a journey for the faint of heart, indeed but well worth every effort. We were lucky to have the sun accompany us for the entire stay which made our camping experience quite comfortable.

From Rila, the four of us, carried on to Mussala, the highest peak in Bulgaria at 2,925 meters. On the way there, we were tested to the ultimate point with a steep trek to the hut where beds had been reserved for us. A violent thunder storm developed and we were pounded with rain, hail, lightning and thunder for well over an hour. Our courage and faith was truly tested. But the next morning we woke up to a glorious day and a gift from Heaven: an angel welcomed us on the pure and clear lake of Ledeno Ezero as a glacier reflected on its calm water. During the day, we made it to the summit and admired the many mountains chains in the area, including the Rila peaks.

As a conclusion, we would to share our gratitude for this enriching journey with the prayer that we often said during excursions: "Oh kind and luminous Beings, guardians of this place, we thank you for your hospitality and may God bless you!"

Carmen Froment for The Aquarian Team