Issue #27 - We are Solar Beings

Have you ever consider that we are modelled on the sun? Although it is obvious that the physical sun gives us light, warmth and life, why not consider that the same influence affects our psyche.

For the longest time people believed that the earth was at the centre of the solar system and the sun was the one moving around it (geocentric point of view). Eventually, astronomers agreed that the sun was the centre of the solar system and the earth was actually rotating around it (heliocentric point of view). At present, we know and accept this on a physical level but not yet on the psychological or spiritual levels. Children know instinctively the importance of the sun as they draw it without any intellectual or philosophical influences but we, as adult, remain so close to the earth and material life that we conduct our daily life from a geocentric point of view.

It is known that all great civilizations had the sun at the centre of their life: they Egyptians, the Aztecs, the Mayans, etc. If these civilizations took the sun as model it is because they recognized the influence on the psyche and spiritual levels. The sun represents spirit within: it is impersonal, generous, alive! It does not separate, divide, categorize and analyse. It does not try to conquer or eliminate others. It gives its light, warmth and life to everyone whether one likes it or not.

The sun is the perfect model of trinity and unity and we are modelled on the sun with our inner trinity: light to nourish our intelligence, warmth to open our heart and vitality to sustain our life!

For the future of mankind, a solar approach is the solution to all religious conflicts. It reminds us that we are all solar beings, all constituted on the same structure.

By adopting the heliocentric point of view at the core of our life, we begin to live from the soul and the spirit. We tap into a limitless source of energy, inspiration and harmony.

May the sacred fire of divine light and love animate your life!

Carmen Froment for The Aquarian Team