Issue #73 Equality

May 2019,  Issue #73                               The Aquarian Team Newsletter


“… equality is only possible thanks to fraternity, for humans are not equal anywhere except in dignity. This dignity comes from the fact that they are all sons and daughters of God and therefore all brothers and sisters…” Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
This paragraph stuck in my head for many months, perhaps even for a couple of years. I lost it for a while and had to ask one of the sisters to locate it for me, which she did. It seems such a profound statement – that equality only exists in the dignity that each inherits as a son or daughter of God.
When that sister sent me the above statement, she added more information on the subject from the Master. “In fact nature does not like equality and uniformity or a general leveling out… the truth is that equality does not exist in the universe: inequality is the general rule.”
As the Master always encourages us to use Nature as our reference on most everything, this made absolute sense to me. He also mentioned somewhere in one of the wonderful book created from his lectures, something about this being the upmost importance to teach children.
Well, I climbed on that, but how to do it! I am an author and illustrator of children’s books and I keep my eyes and ears open for something worthwhile to share with children.
I let this idea of equality sink in until the way seemed to reveal itself. The book was written "KIDS GET IT" and in it a teacher is shown in front of her class.
          We were all in our classroom on a normal school day wen our teacher had the boldness and the nerve to say… “Isn’t it wonderful that you are all so perfectly equal?”

Well, this was quite a shock and seemed most unreasonable. We knew the truth; we could see it with our eyes. All of this equality stuff was certainly a bunch of lies.

Then the text continues with the kids explaining how “unequal” they all were from their size, beauty, intelligence, abilities, wealth, etc.
         The teacher had to clarify:
“You are all equal in only one way. And in that way you will always. You are each sons and daughters of your heavenly Father, one great being. Regardless of the many differences you are seeing. So do not be envious of what others may have or can do. You are just as divine, each and every one of you. Be proud of your legacy and your birthright. You are a child of God and that makes everything right.”
       With that, we were filled with such kindness as we looked at each other, as different as we were, each we now knew was a sister or a brother. We all stood taller in this knowing. With our true self-worth showing… And it would be ours forever!

       My, wasn’t our teacher clever?
Just like the kids, I think I got it! 

Sally Huss who wrote in our 2nd book

You can also see many excerpts of Master Omraam's lectures on YouTube: