Issue #72 Methods and exercises for self-development

In our last two newsletters, we covered the definition of Initiatic Science, its origin and its manifestations through time. Today we will cover some methods and practices that were brought by Master Peter Deunov in the early 1900 until the 2nd WW and, with the coming of Master Omraam to the Western world, these methods and many more were expanded and adapted to our contemporary time.
Let us begin with how to start our day:
Upon awakening, the first thing is to express gratitude: “I thank you Lord for the life and health you give me. Fill my heart with love and strengthen my willpower so that I can accomplish Your will and that all my actions be for Your glory and in Your name.
Try to remember our dreams:  writing them down will help the ability to remember them.
Get up on the right foot: be conscious of starting our day with attention.
Wash our hands and our face before touching our eyes: it is said that while we sleep some fluidic impurities may leave traces so by washing our hands and face, we remove this layer of impurities.
Sunrise or morning meditation: in good weather, we are invited to go out in nature and attend sunrise so we develop the attributes of the sun:  light (wisdom), warmth (love), and life. There is a whole book dedicated to the importance of the sunrise entitled The Splendour of Tiphareth (Tiphareth is named after the Sun, it is from the Tree of Life of the Kabbalah tradition).
Breathing exercises: the prana is the strongest at sunrise so the breathing exercises fortify not only our etheric body but our whole being.
Gymnastics: a sequence of movements with formulas which are very helpful physically, mentally and spiritually.
How to take our meals: practicing the yoga of nutrition is good for our digestion and is also a conscious work of appreciation and revelation.
There are many more methods, practices, formulas and prayers that are covered in A New Earth, Vol.13 of the Complete Works by Master Omraam. If you are serious about your development, we invite you to acquire this book. You can learn how to take a sacred bath, consecrate a new place or object, how to stop bleeding, etc.  It is like the bible of the disciple. One you will want to go back to many times over.

Love and light on behalf of the whole team

Coordinator of The Aquarian Team.

You can also see many excerpts of Master Omraam's lectures on YouTube: