Issue #52 - Harmony, the mother of all qualities and virtues

This month, let's talk about "harmony". A simple term which contains all the elements to sustain your health, your inner wealth and your relationship with others and all of life for that matter.

How is that possible you may ask? Well, let's begin with health: when something goes off balance in one's body, feelings or attitude, the organs get overworked, the immune system weakens and one eventually becomes ill. When people loses their peace of mind or their sleep over issues, they run the risk of wearing themselves down as well and being sick in bed. Or again, when one is rude to someone to the risk of losing their friendship or a business deal which could bring much worries and sadness. So, harmony is the most effective weapon against illness and the best tool for your uplifting. By nurturing harmony in your thoughts, feelings and attitude you invite a influx of forces that fills you with delight.

You may be short of patience or give way too easily to anxiety but working on one virtue or quality at a time takes a long long time to develop each one!  Harmony summarizes them all.
Harmonize yourself with your higher Self, with the forces of the cosmos and by doing this, feel the benefits of working for the whole of mankind!

Every day, we can ask for harmony within, harmony with our family, with our surroundings, harmony with nature and with the entire cosmos! This harmony will show in our aura, on our facial expression and will influence everything around us.

Carmen, for The Aquarian Team

PS this newsletter was based on the book entitled "Harmony", vol. 6 of the Complete Works of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov.