Issue #53 - How we can help the world.

We see so many tragedies in the world these days, sometimes very close to home. Take for example all the fires in British Columbia this summer (over 1000) and the recent Harvey storm in Texas. Ten of thousands of people have been evacuated or became homeless overnight, some even lost their lives. Climate change is becoming such a fierce reality as if the four elements decided to teach human beings a lesson about abusing nature!

So what can we do to help those in need?  We cannot all fly to sites of tragedies to bring our physical or moral help as it would add or create chaos at home or on site. Yet, we can help in the comfort of our home, of your heart.  Here is a Daily Meditation that was recently published on the Omraam Mikhael Aïvanhov Facebook page:

You say it is not possible to help the whole world, to bring light and peace to all humans – there are so many of them! Of course, if you present the problem in that way, it is impossible to do anything. But if you know certain methods, it becomes possible.
Try, for example, to imagine humanity as a single being. Yes, imagine the whole world as a being right there beside you, whose hand you are holding and to whom you are sending much love. At that moment, small particles from your soul go out into space in all directions, and what you are doing for that being has an effect on all men and women in the world. Gradually, they will begin to have different thoughts, different wishes – better, more generous ones. If there were hundreds, thousands of us doing this exercise, a new breath, a divine breath, would pass among all creatures, and one day they would awaken truly transformed.

This Daily Meditation was originally published on the 17th of August 2002.
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Carmen, for The Aquarian Team

PS this newsletter was based on the book entitled "Harmony", vol. 6 of the Complete Works of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov.