Issue #50 - Be like a bee!

Now, let us talk about bees!
It is said in the tradition that the bees come from Venus especially for the benefit of Initiates, ascetics and hermits and of all those who spend their lives thinking of mankind, of God and of Heaven. So God also thinks of them, that is why He sent them the bees: to prepare this special kind of food for them. We are told that when the Earth saw this, it was jealous and tried to produce insects that would resemble the bees… and all it managed to produce was wasps! And they never were able to find out how bees made honey! Wasps symbolize a selfish, egocentric system while bees represent a "theocentric": the goal of their work is to give something precious to other beings who are more evolve then them. It does not mean that their work has God as a centre but rather that it is absolutely disinterested. 
Their organization is extraordinary, their sense of order, their purity, their harmony and the food they collect, the pollen from flowers that they transform into honey. Bees represent the sixth race of man, the race of the future, the new culture. Bees are the symbol of those who have been born anew. These beings are like a living fountain of pure water which gives birth to a new and thriving civilization. Their religion is divine love and wisdom, their temple of God is the universe, the sun is their High Priest in this temple and the stars are its votive lights.
Have human beings managed to produce such sweet delicacy? Yet, if they work like bees, for a fraternal idea, a divine idea, and transform what they absorb into purity, they will be able to make everything as delicious and perfumed as honey.  It is written in the Living book of Nature, it is in the project of Cosmic Intelligence, that human beings will achieve it one day!    

This text was inspired from the Second Birth book of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Carmen, coordinator for the Team.