Issue #49 - Celebrating Wesak on full moon of May

Dear reader,
                   There is a most interesting phenomena taking place every year during the full moon of May: the celebration of the Wesak. This year the full moon is May 10 in the Northern Hemisphere.  In Asia, it is celebrated as the commemoration of the birth of Buddha. Different ceremonies, prayers, chanting and rituals take place in many such countries and around the world. To this effect, we invite you to watch the video through the link at the bottom of this article.

There is also another aspect to the Wesak which is very mystical and of cosmic proportion. When the sun is still in Taurus (the most fertile and prolific sign of the Zodiac) and the moon is about to enter into Sagittarius at midnight, the souls and spirits of the Initiates and Masters of the world gather in a specific place in the Himalayas for an important ceremony in the presence of the great Masters of humanity. They will give birth to the purest and most exalted thoughts and feelings to shower on mankind.

We can prepare ourselves to link with their marvelous work by fasting a day or two before, meditating or praying. During that time, it is also recommended not to wear any metal as it may disturb the perception of vibrations. By adopting an attitude of harmony, we can link consciously with the Initiates to receive the blessings they will poor over the children of God during their ceremony. By preparing ourselves and lighting up our inner lamps, we will spotted and may be invited to participate in our astral body to this important gathering where new currents are working for the future of humanity!

May this full moon of May bring you 1001 blessings.

PS  This text was inspired by the "Spiritual Alchemy" by Omraam Mikaël Aivanhov and his lecture #441 of May 1, 1974.