Issue #35 - Paneurhythmy: Sacred Dance

Two days before our meeting date, Sylvie a French lady called up to say that she would be available with two of her friends to meet up. Sylvie has absolutely fallen in love with this sacred dance. In the meantime, I called Anne Demarta from France, who happened to here in Sydney on holiday, asking her if she would like to meet up with us.

”Que sera sera” Few weeks ago in February, Carmen Froment called to confirm that she was coming on her normal flight to Sydney and would be available to meet up in the afternoon to teach the Paneurhythmy* in Hyde Park across her hotel. At first, we didn't know if it would be possible because the weather can be so unpredictable. So we said: “

The night before the meeting, I suddenly felt the urge to leave a message with Maria who lives on the opposite side of town asking her to join us. Although it was such short notice, Maria was free and able to join.

We arrived at Carmen’s lobby all at once. It was so lovely to see everyone. Sylvie and her friend Christine had to travel two hours from the north to join us in town. Her other friend was luckier, she was just living nearby. We had few chat waiting for Carmen. Then she arrived dressed in a beautiful and elegant outfit looking very happy to see us all although she only had two hours of rest after such a long flight from Vancouver to Sydney.

We walk together to the park. It was such a beautiful, sunny day and although we were a bit apprehensive of the heat, we found a spot in the shade where a nice breeze was blowing. We began by drawing a circle followed by a few minutes of silence then Carmen proceeded to give explanations of the first sequence of movements. Everyone was listening attentively. Then we practice these movements. Although Carmen brought her Samsung tablet, the sound of the music was lost to the wind, so Anne started to sing to the movements with Carmen and myself joining in, which did the trick.

There were few people around us observing quietly wondering about these ladies dancing in circle. We continued with learning more movements when suddenly a young man by the name of Jacques, who walked by with his friend, came and asked to join. We happily let him dance with us. It was like a beautiful angel had decided to come in to encourage us. Jacques captured the essence of the movements very rapidly and stayed with us for some time until he had to leave. Anne immediately wrote the name of the dance on a piece of paper so he could it Google later.

We danced like this alternating between explanations from Carmen and practicing new movements. Anna was a great support as she knows the dance well. It was a delight to see Carmen teaching us; she was so alive and really fully present and in the moment. One could see how much she loves this dance.

Thank you Carmen and Anne for spreading the teaching in a different way. Thanks to the Paneurhythmy lessons, these ladies are now aware of Master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov’s teaching and of Peter Deunov's great legacy through this dance.

Christiane van Aken for The Aquarian Team

*Paneurhythmy is a sacred dance composed by Master Peter Deunov of Bulgaria. It represents an interchange between the living forces in us and in nature. The goal for learning and dancing it is to attain a balanced relationship between the movement (body), the understanding (mind) and the psychic life (soul). It is a method to harmonize ourselves with the most beneficial rhythms of the universe.