Issue #34 - Our Two Natures!

Did you know that each one of us possesses two natures?

Yes, one nature that is very human, self-centered, egoist, selfish, manipulative; it loves to pull the blanket its way, it does not like to be corrected, it never thinks of being in the wrong, it cannot handle criticism, it is proud and devious.

The other nature within us is the divine nature, one that is generous, bright, cheerful, understanding, kind, altruist, forgiving. It is also known as the Higher Self of again as Omraam name it: the "individuality", the true identity of our being, our core essence.

The lower self is the illusion we entertain about ourselves, the maya of the Hindus. In Christianity, it is also accepted that Jesus had two natures: God and man. His human nature was clearly expresses when he was on the cross and cried out "Father, why have you abandoned me". In the initiatic teachings it is known as the lower self or as Master Omraam named it: the "personality" because it is like acting in a role at the theatre. It is not who we truly are in our essence. Our true reality is divine.

It is at the foundation of our growth, our development and our evolution to recognize which one is acting within us. It does require some self-observation and enough humbleness to step back and re-evaluate which nature is acting within. In doing so, we develop a new pattern of observation and better able to catch ourselves before the "personality" steps in and takes a hold. Thus we save ourselves trouble and conflicts, and discover more peace and harmony in life.

There is a booklet for children that really helps understanding that idea entitled "the Little Me and THE GREAT ME" by Lou Austin. Children are easily shown how to recognize which "Me" is at play. If one wants to push and pull without regards for others, one will be disliked, despised and rejected. If one supports THE GREAT ME, there is joy, fun and one feels peaceful, accepted, cherished and loved. The numerous illustrations demonstrates the effects of one and the value of the other.

Carmen Froment for The Aquarian Team
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