Issue #8 - The solar culture in the Veda and Puranas – Part 2

It is through the sun that Vishnu instills life. Life is contained in the prana (the vital energy or living-giving force). The prana contains the 7 Principles (tattvas), the 7 colors, the 7 sounds and the 7 spirits. Seven is the number of creation. It is through breath that the prana penetrates us.

Master Aïvanhov explains that the whole mystery of life is contained in the breath and that prana is at the foundation of all energies in the cosmos. Yet, life is not in the air itself. Fire and warmth are at the origin of life. For life to be well assimilated and beneficial, as it is in the case for food, one must chew the prana, particularly during the morning breathing exercises. Alchemy is the science of transformation and transmutation. By transforming solar prana into an etheric force, we can become alchemists ourselves.

Amongst the many formulas given by Master Aïvanhov, here is one that illustrates this idea well: "Oh luminous rays, penetrate within me and drive all the clouds away as your light alone can do so!"

It is also prana that works on the chakras. Indeed, breathing done consciously and properly at sunrise can awaken the chakras and help us develop numerous spiritual faculties. Through this process, we can reach the forces hidden in our subconscious. This is what the Tradition has also taught and what the Master continues to teach as well in his School of Light.

Let us conclude with another of those methods. Repeat the first 3 demands the Our Father prayer in this manner:

"Hallowed be Thy name” on the inhale
"Thy Kingdom come” holding your breath
"Thy will be done on earth as it is done in Heaven" on the exhale
"To love God is to meet Him each morning to capture his gaze"

                                                                                                 Omraam Mikhaël Aivanhov

Claude Brun for The Aquarian Team