Issue #7 - The solar culture in the Veda and Puranas

When the Vedic prophets call call Brahma the sun they refer, in reality, to the power behind the physical sun. It is said in the Gayatri mantra: "the sun is not the physical sun we see in the sky, it is the supreme intelligence that governs the heavens, beyond the triple manifested creation. The physical sun is at the image of the spiritual sun, the center of all the knowledge and of the radiating power."

In several passages of the Veda the sun is presented as the goal for creatures to attain. All of creation turns to the sun as the supreme creator.

The word "Surya" (sun) comes from the root SR (to move) and SU (stimulate). It is the soul of the moving and immutable universe. It give the impulsion to all that exists. It transforms water into steam, it surpasses the other stars by its brilliance. It draws the forces of the cosmos through the seven rays, pours its celestial qualities over all creatures. The sun is the guardian of all created beings.

This is the knowledge Vashista gave to Ram. He introduced him to the solar culture and ever since Ram has often been depicted with his wife Sita and his brother Lakshman worshiping the rising sun. Ram refers to the sun as the witness of everything that happens on earth. He knew that by contemplating the sunrise, the light would reveal its seven bodies through the seven rays. This enabled him to govern with an enlightened intelligence and heart, and his actions were also filled with light. Those who meet the sunrise each morning with respect and veneration, with humility and peace of mind, obtain the grace of Lakshmi, the divine mother. Those who contemplate the sun with a total attention are free from dangers, anxiety and sorrows. They are also free from temptation and enjoy immunity against all illnesses.

Vashista taught that the soul of the universe resides in certain rays of the sun. The seed of all things come from it. All the elements are contained within it.

The symbol of the circle with the dot in the center has been used to represent the sun and will be used again in the Kali Yuga era to bring the solar culture. The dot represents the center and the circle represents the converging movement toward the sun. All moving and immutable things have their center in the sun and their existence depends on its rays. The Sun is the only factor responsible for the creation, its conservation and its annihilation, as well as for all things animate or inanimate. Thus, Brahma the creator, Vishnu the conservator and Shiva the destroyer are directly linked to the sun.

In the present era, Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov explains all these truths in a simple language with the intention of tracing the path for a new solar culture. We invite you to read his pocket book entitled "Toward a solar civilization" published by Prosveta.

Claude Brun for The Aquarian Team