In this newsletter we will treat an interesting subject; the power of the word and that of speech. One could ask what is the difference between the two? From what I have learned in the Initiatic Teaching, the power of the word is the thought being formed before the words or speech is expressed. If the thought process is well organized, it will be delivered in a comprehensible format.

We could say that the "word" is the spirit of words, like the "The Word became Flesh" meaning that the idea (the Logos, the Verb) preceded the speaking (the expression made manifest). So, to be understood clearly by others presupposes that one sends the thought ahead to formulate correctly the concept under discussion. At one point or other, we have all met someone whose speech is so disorganized that one loses sight of the main point. The thought is so fragmented that it leads the listener into confusion.

May be the first element to improve the power of the speech is to improve the clarity of the thought and that begins with self-observation:

•An awareness of the point being conveyed
• An elaboration of the point
• A follow through with that point
• A conclusion or wrapping up of that point

Now, to improve the power of the speech and to keep the attention of the person or persons listening, here are some recommendations given by Julian Treasure in this Ted Talk;
What to avoid:

• Gossip (for one knows who the next victim shall be)
• Judging (recognizing that one will be judged in return)
• Negativity (which leaves a dark, heavy feeling)
• Complaining (a drag that drags on, a real virus)
• Excuses (not taking responsibility for oneself)
• Lying (best enemy to trusting)
• Dogmatism (who needs the pointing finger!)

On the other hand, here are the 4 cornerstones to improve the reaching out of one's speech which is summarized by this wonderful acronym; HAIL i.e. defined as to approve or acclaim with enthusiasm:

• Honesty (be clear)
• Authenticity (be your true self)
• Integrity (be your words)
• Love (wish people well)

On that last note, wishing you well in this July month
Carmen Froment for The Aquarian Team