Issue #14 - Re-educate ourselves

People are so busy planning their life ahead with every detail calculated and scheduled to the extent that there is simply no room for the Divine world to come in. This is because we have generally been conditioned to identify ourselves with the physical body, to rely heavily on external factors and what we perceive from others and our environment. For example, we value so much the opinions of others that we end up doing things that are not right for us and leave us disappointed or lead us astray.

It is now pertinent to re-educate ourselves and realise that we are not the body. We are the life force that moves through the body, that Life Force that gives life to our physical body, this life force that is referred to in different names such as God, the Universal Force, the primordial force, the Divine Power, etc.

Many people think it is extremely difficult to change this belief system to which we have been so accustomed to. However, some Great Masters said that, in fact, it is quite simple and not as complicated as we believe.

If you wish to know more on how to re-educate yourself and become a wonderful conductor for the Divine world, Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov gave many lectures on this subject with various methods to become aware and make changes.

Once this re-education is established and our inner computer software is rewired with the real understanding, we become fully aware of who we truly are, and then life takes a completely different meaning.

People who have made this discovery, no longer act or behave in the ordinary manner. Every decision they make, every action they take comes from the deepest part of their being by fine tuning themselves, by connecting with the life force, this Divine flame.

When people act this way, everything falls in the right place, everything flows harmoniously, and there is no room for error and for doubt, because the life force is now giving room for action. Wherever the Divine world flows, harmony, beauty, Love is present.

Christiane van Aken for The Aquarian Team