Issue #24 - Spring Time

It is Spring in the Northern Hemisphere! Yes! After living 14 years in Asia I am now back in Canada and I have to admit this is my favourite time of the year. One would have assumed I like the summer as I lived in tropical countries with very hot weather…but no, I have always loved the Spring. I just love the difference in the temperature each day as it gets slightly warmer. I find myself fascinated by the buds appearing one day to be no bigger than my nail on my baby finger and the next day twice as large! The power of nature rising through the earth at this time keeps me in curiosity. And being in a state of curiosity, I feel so alive and feel so much is possible!

Speaking of being so alive, I am also very excited to let you know that the Aquarian Team’s second book with the working title ‘My Soul Family’ is really taking shape. It has been an honour to edit the author’s personal stories of how meeting the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov or his teachings has shaped their lives. We have extended what we call our “alive line” and are now projecting that the book will be ready for publication early in September. We will keep you in our loop!

I am also excited to announce that I will be going to Ecuador for a 10 day adventure this June. The whole adventure is being filmed for a web series called Live your List. The film makers are also filming all the participants individually as we share our message. Each of us will receive a 15 minute personal documentary. I will be using this opportunity to share the news of the Aquarian Teams new book, as well of course of how I integrate the teachings of the Master with my work with children.

All of us who are participating will be given an opportunity to speak for 10 minutes (Ted Talk style) in front of teachers, students and faculty at the most sought after University in South America called University of Cuenca. We will also be delivering clean water systems to tribal villages in the Amazon and I will be conducting theatre and storytelling ‘play shops’ with over 200 children in a remote village. I am so looking forward to making a difference! Speaking of making a difference…what did you do today that helped someone or yourself feel that much more positive about life?

The season of Spring invites us to resurrect old thought pattern and habits and throw them out. It also invites us to wake up early and greet the rising sun with reverence and wonder…to nourish our souls and go forward fearlessly. I am grateful!
For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, after a nice long summer, Fall is at your doorstep with the opportunity to draw within to reap the fruit of your efforts and to find time to contemplate your inner goodness!

Happy Spring/Fall everyone!

Denise Bertrand for The Aquarian Team