Issue #23 - Current of Life, Current of Death

In nature, we notice the changes from one season to the next and accept the fact that life regenerates everything in its laboratories. In winter time, what appears like plants, trees and even animals are dead, they suddenly wake up and bring a renewed life in the Spring time as the sun shines longer and the atmosphere warms up. We know that and take it for granted. Why should it not be the same with us?

We are the microcosm in this vast macrocosm and subject to the same laws yet more often then not, our eyes have been trained to only see the material aspect of things. If we were to think like the great Sages and Masters, we would acknowledge the existence of the soul and the spirit and therefore know that life extends beyond matter. We would not fear the decay of the physical body or fear death; we would accept it as a liberation from an imprisonment, from a material density, to live the life of the soul and spirit as our real identity.

They are the ones immortal, they are the essence of our consciousness, we just do not pay enough attention to them and they remain "dormant" within us. Death in itself does not exist; it is a variation of life and life is everywhere accomplishing one transmutation after another. It is our perception and understanding about it that differs. The more we identify with the body, thinking that we are the body, that we are matter, earth and dust, the more vulnerable we are and believe that we will also disintegrate into dirt and dust. On the other hand, the more we identify with the spirit, the divine spark within, the more we become invulnerable because the spirit is eternal, immortal, luminous and powerful.

True freedom is not in shedding the body but in gaining access to the subtle life and that freedom depends on our degree of evolution. When we are incarnated in a body, we are going through a winter if we are not "awakened" to the soul and the spirit. When we will identify to the soul and the spirit, we will experience an eternal spring.

As Spring time is upon us on the Northern hemisphere, here is a nice little formula to live more from the soul and the spirit: "As all of Nature wakes up and blossoms, may all of my being wake up and blossom. May all of humanity live in the eternal spring."

Carmen Froment for The Aquarian Team