Issue #21 - How to have a year 2015 different from previous years? By preparing in a special way!

It is said in the Initiatic Tradition that the first 12 days of January represent the 12 months of the year, each day relating to the corresponding month ie: January 1st corresponds to the month of January; January 2nd to February, Jan. 3rd to March etc. If you prepare with a special intent during those first 12 days, you will be in a good position to set the year in a wonderful way.

Begin be setting a different quality for each of the 12 days. For example, you could write "Harmony" in your journal for the 1st day or even create a notebook to that effect. Then, meditate on that quality in the morning and try to maintain the energy of that quality throughout the day.
Pay attention to special coincidences, events, good and challenging experiences that take place during each day and write them in your journal or notebook. You will be amazed as the year progresses how relevant each day is to what is unfolding during the month. If you have time, you can even break out the day into morning, afternoon and evening.

Our consciousness is not separated from what it beholds and what happens around us, on even through time and space. We are connected in spirit to matter and matter to spirit, like the ying-yang, each holding a portion in the other.

Wishing you a very special 12 days and a wonderful year filled with a 1001 blessings.

Carmen Froment for The Aquarian Team