Issue #20 - East meets West” through my eyes

I would like to share my experience of our first meeting “East meets West” that took place on 7 and 14th of October 2014. It was one of the most remarkable meeting held in North India, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh. What an incredible time out of time. It is a record that keeps playing in my head and my heart. I found myself reliving it over and again simply for the pure pleasure of feeling the joy and love so abundant at that time.

There was so much bonding between us brothers and sisters from the Universal White Brotherhood, Swamiji Yogiraj Amarjyoti’s devotees and of course with Swamiji. All of this happening was purely thanks to the unconditional love that was flowing incessantly from this wonderful and Loving Being that is Swamiji. I witnessed with great humility people who were at first reluctant to open up, but because of the love that was flowing between us and also from Swamiji, they became radiant. To witness these transformations taking place, to see their faces lightened up with beautiful smiles, to feel the letting go of guards was something very special, indeed.

Wherever I look, I could only see joy and love, even though people may have been tired, without the comfort they are used to in the West, enduring long hours of travel by car, adjusting to constant changes, brothers and sisters were simply wonderful and the devotees most accommodating.

I have to say that at times I secretly thanked Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov for what I was able to witness. These beautiful brothers and sisters are who they are thanks to his Teaching. Even though I was very busy running around non-stop because of my role as coordinator, I could not help feeling joy in my heart and feeling so much appreciation when I looked at my brothers and sisters moving around. They attended the morning sunrise meditation, performed the exercises, practiced the Yoga of Nutrition, sang beautifully the sacred songs of the Universal White Brotherhood, danced the paneurythmy, exchanged lovingly with the devotees. They lived the teaching beautifully through their own actions and it was something heart-warming to witness.

Swamiji’s devotees were also most dedicated and full of Love themselves. They participated with joy in our brotherhood’s activities; they wanted to know more about the meaning of the exercises, the meaning behind the paneurythmy dance. They also went out of their way to make sure that everything was flowing and harmonious. They danced and laughed along with us. So many warm lasting friendships were formed. And, as for Swamiji Yogiraj Amarjyotiji, needless to say that he emanated so much Love that we all just opened up and blended in.
We are forever grateful and very appreciative that Swamiji invited us to this unforgettable meeting. Everything was absolutely beautiful. Grace, Harmony, Joy, and Love were definitively present.

Om Anand Om

Christiane van Aken for The Aquarian Team