Issue # 75 Spiritual Celebrations and traditions of the world

Issue # 75 July 2019

Spiritual Celebrations and traditions of the world

For those of you living in Canada, on behalf of The Aquarian Team, have a wonderful Canada Day Celebration!

Do you think the reason initiates established celebrations was for humans to have fun? No, their aim was first and foremost to make time for a break, to interrupt the rhythm of work, which at that time, was never ending and exhausting, because there was no such thing as holidays or leave. These initiates wanted to bring to the awareness of all these men and women, a sense of freedom from the weight of all the tasks that wore them out and destroyed their health; they wanted to create valves to release their unexpressed psychic energies. And so, these celebrations, with their songs, dances, games, laughter and the opportunity to meet others, enable to release these energies, also creating a fraternal mood that allows everyone to feel encouraged and supported.
But the initiates had something else in mind with these celebrations: they wanted to encourage humans to seek out energies in subtler regions that could regenerate and vivify their heart and soul. In this atmosphere of joyous and beneficial exchanges, beings of light come to draw on the energies, using them to continue their work throughout the world.  Would you like to help them in their work? You yourself can consciously entrust them with your joy and all the spiritual wealth you gain from a celebration, enabling others to benefit too. This joy and wealth will come back to you amplified.  This is how the initiates, in their wisdom, understand the meaning of a celebration.  Wisdom is not only serious, it is also joyous!
And in closing this celebration, remember that laughter is a means of communicating life. There are living energies in laughter which nourish the brain and expand the heart centre.
The Laughter of a Sage, pocket book #243, p. 86-87

Carmen, coordinator of The Aquarian Team.

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