Issue #62 - The light and the Spirit of the 7 colors

In the last few newsletters, we expounded on the subject of light and if you happen to be in the Toronto area or Montreal, I will be giving a talk on this subject at The Point of Light in Newmarket on June 19 and in Montreal on June 21 at the Le Point du Jour au Quartier Latin. See poster lower.
So, to conclude the subject at present, let us take a prism. When the sun shines over a crystal, you see the light refracted in 7 colors as long as the crystal is equilateral and the surface is clean. How does that relate to the importance of light in our spiritual development, you might ask? Let’s say that the prism represents the number 1; the equilateral sides, the number 3; and then the 7 colors. We represent the number 1 as a person, the mind, heart and will represent the number 3 and when these 3 aspects are equally developed if we are pure with impersonal motives we reflect the 7 colors in our aura. The 7 colors are also the 7 Spirits who stand before the throne of God, as it is said in the book of the Zohar. The properties of these 7 colors are:
Red: strength, dynamism and action. It is the Spirit of Life.
Orange: health, vigor, vitality. It is the Spirit of Sanctity.
Yellow: wisdom and knowledge. It is the Spirit of Wisdom.
Green: youth and riches. It is the Spirit of Eternity and Evolution.
Blue: peace and truth. It is the Spirit of Truth. 
Indigo: about the same properties of blue but it is the Spirit of Strength and Royalty.
Violet or purple: all powerful. It is the Spirit of Omnipotence and of Spiritual Love.

We can practice to develop these colors at sunrise because the sun is the best representation of light and of God. It encompasses all colors and all qualities. Also doing this exercise at sunrise is most beneficial because that is when the prana is most abundant. In doing this exercise, not only do we fortify our aura which offers us a great protection but it also becomes a source of blessing for everything and everyone around us. Enjoy practicing this exercise during this sunrise season!                              

Carmen, for The Aquarian Team
This article is based on Light is a living Spirit and Toward a Solar Civilization by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov.

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