Issue #59 - The Importance of Light in the spiritual life

The physical light as the sun projects is easy to understand because it allows us to differentiate day and night. It allows us to see where we go or else we need an artificial light such a flashlight or a light bulb. As a physical resource, it now finds many scientific discoveries and applications such as solar energy.
We also know other notions of the light when we say something like “I see what you mean” or “that is a brilliant idea” or “that person is a brilliant person”. That notion infers a form of intelligence or understanding.  So, we already connect the fact that light is a form of knowledge, wisdom.  If we transpose this idea of light to the highest level in a person, it is called “illumination”. And to reach this level, one has to work with the light on many levels: physical, astral, mental and spiritual.
A good place to start with is working with the rays of the sun in the early morning because they are loaded with “prana”, a form of magnetism that sustains and builds vitality.  One can also use the rays of the sun like a prism exposing the 7 colors of the 7 Spirits to build one’s aura; although working on the qualities and virtues that these colors represent brings more lasting and durable results.  The best time of the year is from the Spring equinox to the Fall when we can go outside and draw the best benefits from the sun.  And like a clean prism that allows light to go through undistorted, for us, it means to have purity as a foundation to let the light shine through. Purity in our thoughts, feelings, actions, but also in our nutrition, the music we listen to, etc.
In the spiritual life, if we know how to concentrate on the light, it brings us a protection, vitality, strength and most importantly it awakens an awareness that light is everywhere. Not only as a physical light in the daytime but as an invisible light that sustains everything in the cosmos. In the Bulgarian language, there are 2 terms to define light: “svetlina” is the light from the sun and “videlina” is the invisible light, that of intelligence, wisdom and truth. If you practice meditation, visualizing the light is one of the best practices. It is universal; it does not belong to anyone, any group or religion. It is accessible by using the sun as a starting point until you melt into that light and become illuminated!
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Carmen for The Aquarian Team