Issue #47 - Balancing gratitude with the lesson of the day

Dear reader,
As we received some very positive feedback following our Feb. issue, lets carry on one step further with the idea of gratitude for those of you who are keen on pursuing their development.

With the idea of gratitude, to encourage the recognition of special moments which we shall call here "blessings" and to amplify them, one exercise we can do is to bring them back to our awareness and feel the gratitude arise from such moments. It could be a rainbow we saw during the day, a special phone call or a genuine smile someone gave us that made us feel happy or worthy.

And now, let us balance gratitude with another exercise, which we shall call the "lesson of the day".

When we choose to develop an aptitude be it physically or mentally, practice is needed until the results are satisfying or exceeding previous records. We can say the same about developing our spiritual aptitudes, that is developing some qualities and virtues. One way to do this is catching our self on the spot when we react unfavorably or disturbingly but since this requires quite a lot of self-control, another way is to take a moment when we retire at night to revise our day and find what was the "lesson of the day".

It can be something subtle, like a sharp answer to someone, a moment of impatience while driving in traffic, whatever was disturbing our inner peace and harmony. By allowing a moment of reflection over this questioning, it triggers the subconscious to pull up from memory those circumstances. Once a memory is brought to our awareness, we can then revise the situation and relive it from a more harmonious angle. Doing this simple exercise trains the brain in acquiring some self-control for future similar circumstances, like creating a new groove for the energy to flow along.

My husband and I have been doing this exercise together very often through the years. He shares his "lesson of the day" and then his "blessing of the day" and then I share mine. The more one practices this little exercise, the easier it gets as the subconscious cooperates very well. Moreover, it makes one feel real good before falling asleep. It adds something constructive and amplifies gratitude to our feeling.

Carmen Froment
Coordinator for the Team