Issue #45 - Love, matters most!

It is the holiday time of year and I was invited to a couple of events in which a gift
was appropriate. I’m always at a loss as to what to bring to these functions. Shopping
is not my preferred activity and it seems a waste not to use my artistic talents to
make something unique for these gifts.

So as usual, with little time left, I delved into a mass of inspirational thoughts that I
have written for years for a syndicated newspaper panel. There I chose a theme
(knowing that one particular hostess was especially fond of hearts) – LOVE. Not a
unique theme, but it is one in which I have a large inventory of thoughts.

As I picked through them, my own heart warmed. I had been so busy with the many
projects in my life – including challenges, striving and successes – that I had almost
forgotten about LOVE. How is it possible?

It is an illusive element, substance, material, feeling when you become too mind
oriented. But, thank goodness I caught myself and have been pulled back into the
comfort of that which I know encompasses me, and all others.

Here are a few of those lovely verses that I handpenned onto pages with handpainted hearts and placed into sweet, white frames.

Love is all there is worth having or giving or being.
Life sings only love songs.
Love gives one a sense of direction, a sense of proportion
and a sense of what is just. Love is very sensible.

Best wishes are sent to you daily by the love
that surrounds you completely.
To know, but not to judge; to love, but not to keep;
to be, but not to be asleep is a way far better than most.

Of all that matters, love matters most.

The gifts were well received. Then I randomly opened one of the Master Omraam
Mikhaël Aïvanhov’s books – THE SECOND BIRTH. I landed on a page that said it all:

“We must live in a state of love, because only love permits us to elevate ourselves.
It is according to what you love that I will read your destiny, because everything
you love you will attract sooner or later. You say that you have loved many things
until now, but that they did not come to you… They will come! Our present
possessions are what we have loved in the past, in our past incarnations. If our
loves goes to the spiritual world, so much the better, because we will attract it.
Tomorrow we will be where our love is today. If our love is of an inferior nature, it
will lead us to Hell. Our destiny depends on the quality of our love.”

A few months ago, I was invited to participate in a group book project and tell the
story of my spiritual awakening. I was grateful for the opportunity to share my
experience and hope that it ignites others to broaden their spiritual horizons. That
book is titled: AWAKENING: OUR SOUL JOURNEYS. It’s full of LOVE!

Sally Huss,
PS A suggested movie on a higher form of love during the Holidays: "How Sarah
got her wings
" on Netflix