Issue #39 - The Importance of Purity

One may link purity with chastity and in a way it is but in a rather minor aspect. Purity is more about clarity, simplicity. In reality, purity is always uncomplicated. It is not a mixture of things that might go against its nature, impede its functioning or disturb its harmony. Take nutrition for example, before eating something we need to discard the elements that could impede digestion. When impurities enter the bloodstream it is the beginning of trouble for the organism.

It is also true for the mental, emotional and spiritual levels which means that if a selection is necessary to sort out what is digestible or not, it also goes for our thoughts, feelings and action. Purity is a selection with all the senses:

  •  purity in what we taste, drink and ingest
  • purity in what see, what we watch
  •  purity in what we hear, what we listen to
  •  purity in what we smell, what we wear for perfume (the less chemicals the better)
  •  purity in what we touch, the way we touch

Purity brings health to the physical body, happiness and joy to the heart, power to act to the will, and to the mind, it brings light and understanding. On the spiritual level, purity protects us from all the undesirable currents and entities.

As such purity is the base, the foundation, of all other virtues, even beauty. One is beautiful when the screens and think layers that prevent the light from showing through have been removed. True beauty is not just about the symmetry of the features but about the amount of light that shines through the face.

In the Cabbalah, Yesod is the ninth Sephira on the Tree of Life (in Hebrew Yesod means foundation, base) where the Moon is represented and it is the Moon that rules over purity. Although the Moon has a lower aspect (turned towards Malkout, the Earth) and a higher aspect (turned towards Tipheret, the Sun). 

Watch our August issue in which we will talk about the influence of the Moon and clairvoyance!

Love and Light to all
Carmen Froment on behalf of The Aquarian Team
PS. This text was inspired from the reading of The Mysteries of Yesod by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, Complete Works, Vol. 7