Issue #17 - The secret of women's imagination

Women can sometimes feel discouraged to have little influence on social and political life. Many, too, denounce the mistreatment of women in some countries around the world.

Contemporary women feel the need to grow in their life and reach their full potential. They have a burning desire to have a positive influence on their family, their friends and their communities. To accomplish this mission, it is not always necessary to undertake major actions that are often difficult and controversial; as women, we can also learn to work through our thoughts and imagination, united to a high ideal!

We must realize that we can, if we wish, change the world. Yes, it is no exaggeration to say 'change the world', because we have much more influence than we think! All women have, through their feelings and imagination, a formidable force and they must learn to use it. In the silence of our inner sanctum, we can create, imagine and ardently support the idea of brotherhood, peace and unity among peoples and religions.

As the child grows silently in the mother’ womb, this new idea of a universal family, where everyone understands and respects each other, can take shape through the complicity of women. This work of the imagination is free of violence and ostentation; it requires patience and discretion but through its constancy, it becomes powerful and indestructible. Through sheer tenacity in this work with the power of imagination, women have a real power to bring change in the world.

A new life is emerging, offering all women the opportunity to participate in and contribute to the advent of the Golden Age, regardless of their background, age, nationality, education level, marital status. Women of the world, mothers, sisters, friends, let us unite in thought and work together to form this new earth where peace and brotherhood will be at the first place!

With the love and light
France Gilbert for The Aquarian Team