Issue #10 - The Power of Love

There are so many types of love, from the most basic, physical aspect where one only seeks one’s own interests and pleasure without much care or concern for the partner to the most sublime where one reaches ecstasy without a touch or a move. If we wish to look at what love really is, we might first want to understand how consciousness plays a role.

The great teachers of humanity tell us that the more we expand our consciousness the more we feel connected to the whole. To the degree of connection we feel to the whole, we feel the bond with all things. We can cultivate this bond by creating space in our awareness, degree by degree, making room for this extraordinary feeling, a sense of expansion that includes every living thing. Awareness is not related to analyzing things or “mind stuff” but rather to experience a sensation beyond emotions. In this connection with all things, one feels ultimate compassion and love, and it comes from the superior aspect of the heart.

One can begin by feeling love towards a loved one and from there feel one's heart expanding to include all men and women, without analyzing who they are and how they behave. One way to consider how this works is to take the sun as an example. It stays there, quiet, without moving yet sending its rays and warmth to everyone and everything. Thus we can begin by being quiet and still, and then practice sending love to everyone and everything around us. By creating this state of awareness, we expand little by little until one fine day we melt into this feeling that there is nothing else but LOVE in this entire universe. Love, it is said, is the glue that holds the universe together!

Love can bind us into the most imprisoning, distressing feeling or it can make us fly into space! The only difference lies in our awareness.

We are all concerned with love starting with sexuality as this is how the Creator made us in His laboratories. The principles of male and female are at the very basis of creation so why not begin by studying ourselves and expand from there?

We recommend reading the pocket book entitled “The Sexual Force or the Winged Dragon” from the Izvor collection or, if you are more inquisitive, there are 2 volumes dedicated to the subject entitled “Love and Sexuality” Part 1 & Part 2 (Complete Works, volumes 14 & 15), all titles by Omraam Mikhaël Aivanhov are published by Prosveta.

"Wisdom is to recognize that love should be in the first place" Omraam Mikhaël Aivanhov

Carmen Froment for The Aquarian Team